Ken Ganley Net Worth

During his long career in the automotive industry, Ken Ganley has helped many people. Not only has he been successful in business, but he also helped the Cleveland community in the process. He was involved with a number of different things in the automotive industry, including working with the Cleveland Association on health plan issues and on union negotiations. He has also been known to donate to organizations such as Coats for Kids, a nonprofit that distributes warm winter coats to children in need. He was also involved in the automobile industry on a national and state level.

He is the current president and CEO of Ganley Auto Group. He has a number of dealerships in the Northeastern Ohio area and in Florida. He is also looking to make his company bigger and better. His net worth is estimated at $44 million to $214 million.

He recently purchased the Central Cadillac dealership in Cleveland. The dealership had been owned by the Porter family for 75 years. Ganley bought it a few weeks ago for an undisclosed amount. It had fluorescent lights, a building that incorporated air conditioning, and a general manager that had been at the dealership for 40 years.

In addition to his many dealerships, he also has several other businesses. His largest company, Ganley Westside Imports, earned $1 million in the northeastern part of the state. He also has a few insurance businesses that made small losses. He has a number of Sub-S corporations and stock and mutual funds in his name. He is also the lead sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

He has a number of awards and accolades to his credit, including an award from the Society of Former FBI Special Agents. He also received the Louis E. Peters Memorial Service Award for his role in fighting organized crime in Cleveland. He also received the most important automobile item in the car industry – a car.

In addition to his many businesses, Ganley also has a wife and three sons. He and his wife are both Northwood College graduates. They are both devoted to helping their company achieve the next level. He has also been active in his community, including helping a local school district. He also donates a large amount of money to various organizations, such as the Cleveland Food Bank and Coats for Kids. He is also a staunch supporter of police. He is known to drive his family members to the doctor or hospital when they are in need. He also was involved in crime stoppers, an organization that helps police officers solve crimes.

The company has also donated to a number of organizations, including the Cleveland Food Bank and the Waverly School. They also donate coats to local children each year. In fact, the company donates coats to children at every school in the city. It is also fun to see the children with their new coats.

Ganley is a natural salesman, which is evident by the fact that his company sells a large number of vehicles. Ganley is also a fan of the latest technology, he is one of the few car dealers who actually has a website. He even has a Kia Truckloads commercial featuring a blonde actress.