Kelvin Beachum Net Worth

Whether or not you’ve ever watched Kelvin Beachum play, he’s a player with the potential to be one of the more talented offensive tackles in the NFL. In fact, he’s been deemed to be one of the top five by Pro Football Focus and finished a very solid season as a backup to starting right tackle Marcus Gilbert. He also finished with an impressive number of starts.

Kelvin Beachum was born in Mexia, Texas, on June 8, 1989. His parents are Colette Beachum Sr. and Kelvin Beachum Jr. He attended Southern Methodist University and then went on to play football for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets. He was drafted in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL draft. He signed a three-year, $24 million deal with the Jets in 2017. He also received a $4.5 million signing bonus.

Beachum was selected to participate in the NFL Combine, which is a pre-draft event for players to showcase their abilities and skills. He also participated in the SMU Pro Day and took part in a number of positional workouts. As of August 30, 2016, he’s been named the starting left tackle for the Jets. Considering the size of the NFL’s salary cap, he’s likely to be a highly paid player in the years to come.

Kelvin Beachum net worth is estimated at $12 million. He’s been married and has three children, whose birth dates are unknown. He also has Facebook and Instagram accounts, which aren’t exactly accurate, but he’s certainly made his share of money through them. His social media account also has a corresponding Instagram ad price, which is based on the number of followers.

Kelvin Beachum is a good father and a good spouse. His wife Jessica Beachum is a successful designer and has worked for brands such as Coca-Cola and Samsung. Kelvin has also been a software engineer for many years, but has opted to do something different to help his fellow less fortunate students. By providing the same high standards of software engineering to poor students, he hopes to make a difference in their lives.

Kelvin Beachum’s net worth is projected to rise in the years to come. The amount he’s estimated to earn in his first year of pro ball is $10 million, which is more than the average NFL rookie earns. He also has a contract that’s expected to extend through the 2020 season. He’ll be playing in the shadow of superstar quarterback Kyler Murray. Considering the number of games he plays, it’s safe to assume he’ll be a starter by 2020.

Considering his size and skill set, he’s likely to be able to compete for an NFL starting job. Beachum’s size has been a weakness, but he’s been praised for his speed and quickness. He also finished a very solid season, with a grade of 97.5 in pass blocking efficiency. His 205 pass blocking snaps also garnered him a grade of -2.8 from Pro Football Focus.