Keisha Smith-Jeremie Net Worth

Among the many entrepreneurs on Shark Tank who appeared in seasons 10 and 11, Keisha Smith-Jeremie is known for creating a line of applesauce called Sanaia Applesauce. During its test period, Sanaia Applesauce earned $40,000 in six months. In addition to the applesauce, Sanaia also sold guava and unsweetened apple. The company sold its products in Walmart, Amazon, Aldi, and other retailers. The company also received positive reviews from consumers and vegans. However, the company had to shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keisha Smith-Jeremie was born on a warm island in the Bahamas, and she developed a taste for tropical fruits from her youth. She became nostalgic for these flavors, and wanted to make a snack food that offered the same flavors of home. She started experimenting with applesauce while studying at the University of Virginia. In her dorm, her roommates became enamored with the applesauce. She also started making it as a cure for homesickness. The company gained attention as a result of its uniqueness, and it soon became a popular product. Sanaia Applesauce sold online and in stores, but the company was forced to close its doors in 2020.

Sanaia Applesauce was a success before the pandemic. It was growing, and Smith-Jeremie had to find a way to balance a full-time job, her family, and her business. She found that she could use the applesauce to make a snack that would help people experience paradise. She created a company that combines sweet tropical fruits with tamarind sauce, making Sanaia a snack food that has unique flavors. In 2022, Sanaia Applesauce reopened after the COVID pandemic.

Keisha Smith-Jeremie launched Sanaia Applesauce in 2017, and her company has grown to become a six-figure business. Her product is available in stores and online, and Sanaia has received many positive reviews from consumers. As of the end of 2019, Sanaia is estimated to have a net worth of unknown amounts.

Before Keisha appeared on Shark Tank, she was a human resources executive at a Fortune 500 company. She decided to create Sanaia Applesauce because she wanted to create a product that would make people healthier. She also knew she would need a team to help her make the company successful. She decided to invest her savings into the business. Smith-Jeremie had been studying the applesauce market, and she felt that the adult applesauce category was ready for disruption. She knew that she would need objective advice when she was creating her business plan. She grew the business to six figures, and she had a chance to close a deal with Mark Cuban, but she chose not to.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Keisha was offered a deal by Mark Cuban for a 25% stake in the company. She was willing to take that deal, but she wanted to take a smaller percentage of the business. The deal was finalized in 2022, when Sanaia Applesauce was once again sold in stores and online.