Justin Jedlica Net Worth

Probably the most famous model in the United States, Justin Jedlica has earned a huge net worth over the years, earning over $600 thousand per year. He is considered to be the richest Model in the world. He is known to have had over 190 cosmetic procedures. Besides modeling, Jedlica is also a part time plastic surgery consultant. Jedlica is also active on social media networks, such as Twitter and Instagram. In addition, he has a large number of followers on these platforms.

Justin Jedlica was born on August 11, 1980, in Poughkeepsie, New York. At the age of 18, he had his first cosmetic surgery, a rhinoplasty. Later, he had over 200 surgeries, including biceps implants and triceps implants. The cost of the surgeries was reportedly more than $500,000. Besides being a successful Model, Justin is also known for his habit of placing plastic implants on himself. In fact, he has spent more than $500 thousand on cosmetic surgeries, which explains why he is considered to have a huge net worth.

Justin Jedlica is from a Slovakian background and is known for his habit of placing plastic implants on his body. According to sources, Justin is openly gay and his net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. He is also a famous body modder. He has undergone hundreds of cosmetic surgeries, including rhinoplasty, biceps implants, and chest implants. His net worth has increased over the years, and he has a good reputation in the cosmetic surgery industry.

When Justin was eighteen, he was in a relationship with a wealthy businessman. He was dating the man for five years before he got married. He and his partner lived in Trump Towers in Chicago. However, after two years, they decided to separate. Jedlica was very heartbroken. In fact, he even confronted his wife about it. Ultimately, they divorced.

While Justin Jedlica was in a relationship with a businessman, he was also in a polyamorous relationship with two Australian partners. In addition, he had a company that provided faux paint finishes to interior designers. However, he was still looking for love. This is why he decided to appear on the show Millionaire Matchmaker in 2016. He hoped that Patti Stanger would be able to find him a suitable match. He also appeared in an episode of ‘Going to Extremes’ in October 2012.

In addition to being a model, Jedlica is also a plastic surgery consultant. He has worked with Lacey Wildd, Dan Kane, and many others. In fact, he has been featured in several magazines and TV shows. He has also published a book called ‘A New Kind of Beauty’. He has appeared in several TV shows, including ‘Oprah: Where Are They Now?’ and ‘Botched’. He has also been featured on ABC’s ’20/20′.

While Justin Jedlica is a successful Model and Plastic Surgery Consultant, he has also gotten into controversy for his plastic surgeries. His former partner left him after Justin’s obsession with plastic surgeries caused problems between the two.