Julie Jenkins Fancelli Net Worth

Despite being born into one of the wealthiest families in the world, Julie Jenkins Fancelli has never made the Forbes rich list. Instead, she has an estimated net worth of around four million dollars. She is the daughter of Publix founder George W. Jenkins, and she sits on the board of the George Jenkins Foundation, a non-profit organization named after her father.

As a child, Julie Fancelli was bullied by classmates and teachers at the Immaculate Heart Academy in Atlanta. She grew up with six siblings, including Carol, Howard, David, Kenneth, Delores, and Nancy. She later attended the University of Florida and Mount Vernon Seminary in Washington, DC. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree. However, she did not receive good grades.

Julie Fancelli has a strong interest in politics and donating to Trump’s campaign is something that she has shown a lot of interest in. She was the largest contributor to the ‘Save America March’, an event in Washington, D.C. that helped raise funds for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. She also helped fund a protest in support of Trump that was held before the Capitol was attacked by protesters. She donated over $300,000 to the rally. Then she went on to donate $150,000 to a group of Republican attorneys general.

In the past, Julie Fancelli has lived in Lakeland, Florida and Longboat Key, Florida. She is now attending George Mason University in Virginia. She has not been in a relationship since high school. She has a home in Italy and a house in Lakeland. She also has a charitable fund that she makes money from.

Until recently, Julie Fancelli was a partner in Alma Foods, a company that she owns. The company makes over a million dollars a year from its sales. But when she left the company in 2017, the family was forced to rely on other vendors for their food needs. While she was still in business, she donated over $980,000 to the Trump campaign in 2016.

Julie Fancelli is an active member of the Republican Party and has also been involved with political causes. She was a major donor to a pro-Trump rally in January. The rally was organized by a number of pro-Trump groups. Various events were held throughout D.C., with the main Ellipse event being led by Women for America First. She was also involved in fundraising for the Save America March.

She is a co-founder of the George Jenkins Foundation, a nonprofit organization named after her father. The foundation has given to Christian organizations, mostly. In 2019, the foundation made over $38 billion. It has been a leading funder for numerous charitable causes, especially those that focus on religious nonprofits.

As of the year 2020, the Jenkin Family is the 39th richest in the U.S., according to Forbes. She is the daughter of Publix founder, George W. Jenkins, and her sister is billionaire Carol Jenkins Barnett. Her mother is Anne MacGregor, and she is a registered nurse.