Juju and Des Net Worth

Juju and Des are the owners of a popular YouTube channel. The two started uploading videos in mid-2018. Their average video uploads are around five. Since then, they have gained a large following and earn over $20K per month. Their net worth has been estimated at $500k. Their channel has over one million subscribers and they own a customized red Corvette and a red Land Rover. Juju and Des have many other videos on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Juju & Des met on a hiking trip. After a person-to-person exchange, the couple started dating and eventually got engaged in April 2021. A year later, they announced they were pregnant and moved into a new house. They have since shared their happiness and are excited to welcome their baby. Juju and Des’ net worth continues to grow, as they continue to post videos to their YouTube channel almost every day.

Juju and Des net worth is estimated to be $500000. The pair has more than 1.5 million subscribers and more than 200 million video views. Their YouTube videos get around one hundred thousand views a day. That means they are earning about $290k a year. Keeping up with the latest trends is also a big part of Juju and Des’ net worth. Whether you’re wondering how to make your own YouTube channel profitable, consider these tips.

Juju & Des’ relationship status is another factor in Juju & Desiree’s net worth. JuJu and Des’ fiance, Destiny Rodriguez, was born in the US. The two were dating each other before their relationship was publicized. During their relationship, Destiny and JuJu began posting prank videos on YouTube. Both were known to eat doughnuts. But the two recently married and have a baby on the way!

The couple launched a YouTube presence in 2018 and quickly became famous. They had no idea that their channel would turn into a full-time career. However, they knew what they wanted to create. They have a wide array of trendy couples capers on their channel. They have done mukbangs, truth or drink, and many other pranks. While they didn’t initially plan to turn to Youtubing into a full-time career, their YouTube channel has earned them a huge net worth.

JuJu and Desi’s net worth is estimated to be at least $100k. The duo work together on various projects and videos related to their online identities. JuJu and Desi are engaged and recently held a gender reveal party. Their pregnancy journey was extensively documented on YouTube. The couple live in America with their pet dog. The duo has huge social media followings. In addition to YouTube, Destiny also has a blog and an Instagram account.