Judy Dupart Net Worth – Self-Made Businesswoman

During the first half of the decade, Judy Dupart’s Kaleidoscope Hair Products earned $20 million in sales. The company also sold its products in Target, Walmart and Sally Beauty. The owner’s accumulated total assets are estimated at $5 million.

Jesseca Dupart is a self-made businesswoman from America. She has been a great inspiration for many women around the world and she has made her fortune in the hairstyling industry. She also has interests in philanthropy, public speaking and mentoring. In 2013, she launched her own hairstyling business, Kaleidoscope Hair Studio. In 2016, she earned 43,000 customers.

As a young child, Judy had an interest in cosmetology. However, her parents were interested in her becoming a doctor. She graduated from college in the year 2000 and obtained a cosmetology license. Although she worked out of her own home for a while, she eventually had a constant stream of clients. As a teenager, she became pregnant three times, with each pregnancy resulting in the birth of a baby. However, she miscarried twins at the age of seventeen.

Judy Dupart has a very interesting background story. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1982. Her parents were Jesse Anthony and Evelyn Dupart. Both of her parents had four children. Judy’s father passed away eight years ago, while her mother is still alive. Her father was a singer. The couple was married in Georgia in the presence of their family.

When she was young, her parents encouraged her to become a doctor, but she chose to focus on her studies. They wanted to have a family. As a child, she was always a tad shy and quiet. When she was fifteen, she became pregnant for the first time. However, she got pregnant again when she was seventeen. She gave birth to a son and a daughter. She had a daughter named Kenzie Ann.

After a tough adolescence, Judy Dupart found success in the hairstyling industry. She was very popular on social media. Her products were high quality and she gained a large fan base. The company started with $100,000, but eventually grew to $1 million. She later moved into a more expensive home and had a steady stream of clients.

After obtaining her cosmetology license, she began to work as a hairdresser to supplement her income. She became a social media sensation and had a following of two million on Instagram. She also has a successful business venture in real estate. In addition to being a real estate investor, she is also a teacher. In addition, she is the owner of a non-profit organization called KaleidoKares. She is also an author.

In 2013, Jesseca Dupart launched her own hairstyling business, Kaleidoscope Hair Studio. She was awarded the Key to City of New Orleans by mayor LaToya Cantrell. She has also received a lot of recognition for her appearance and has been featured in the pages of many magazines. In the future, she plans to open a second Kaleidoscope Hair Studio in the United States.