Josh Mandel and Ilana Shafran Net Worth

During his brief time in public office, Josh Mandel has gotten in on the action in some notable ways. He is a former state treasurer and Lyndhurst city councilman, and he has made his mark as a member of the state legislature. Those who are interested in the details of his personal life might want to keep in mind that he is now dating Rachel Wilson, a journalist who covers politics for The Cleveland Plain Dealer. The couple are also the proud parents of three children.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal uncovered that Mandel’s wife, Ilana Shafran, holds a significant stake in Forest City Enterprises, a real estate development firm that went public in 1960. Ilana is part of the wealthiest family in Northeast Ohio, and she has made a significant contribution to the company’s success. She owns a healthy chunk of stock in the company, and her holdings are worth approximately $315,003 to $650,000. In fact, she is the granddaughter of Fannye Shafran Ratner, the woman who founded the company.

The company, which was founded by siblings from Poland, is perhaps best known for its lumber business, but it is also a major player in the commercial real estate industry. In addition, it has a very prominent place in the political sphere in Northeast Ohio. Its stock was the subject of a 1999 advisory opinion that appears to apply to the Mandel’s legislative votes. Its stock is also the most expensive in the state, with a price tag that ranges from $1.95 million to $7.1 million.

The company’s stock was probably the most impressive feat of financial engineering, and it is no wonder that the company’s chairman has been dubbed the “Crown Prince of Ohio,” or “Chief Executive of the City.” In addition, its chief marketing officer is a former CIA agent, and the company’s founder, Ilaha Mandel, is the descendant of one of the richest men in Cleveland, Joe Mandel. And, as the family is known for its financial savvy, it was a natural for the company to make a major investment in the city of Cleveland.

It’s hard to say for certain how much Ilana Shafran’s stake in the company is worth, but considering that she is the daughter of an influential Cleveland family, the company’s stock is likely to continue to rise. In the meantime, Ilana is keeping a low profile, and her name isn’t being mentioned too often. In addition to her extensive stock in Forest City, Ilana Shafran has a long list of investments in other companies, including a major stake in the Cleveland Cavaliers and a slew of condominiums. She has also ridden the wave of the Cleveland hipster movement to the chagrin of some local neophytes.

The company’s website states that it is the leading “leader in the commercial and institutional development of large-scale, high-quality, value-added and green-built communities, and the company is a pioneer in creating high-performing organizations.” So, it’s no wonder that Ilana Shafran’s ties in the business are so important.