Jonathan Pokluda Net Worth

Currently, Jonathan Pokluda is the lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. He is also the head of The Porch, which is the world’s largest weekly gathering of young adults. He is also a YouTuber, a blogger, a motivational speaker, and an author. In addition, he hosts a weekly Instagram Live Q&A session. In fact, he is one of the most influential pastors in the country.

Jonathan Pokluda has earned his stripes with a staggering amount of views on his YouTube channel. In addition to the YouTube channel, he is also a prolific writer and has published five books on Goodreads. In addition, he has a knack for answering 50 to 100 questions on his Instagram page. He and his wife are regularly seen on social media forums and have a combined Instagram following of more than a million followers. In terms of social media, he is definitely one of the big dogs. His Twitter account has more followers than his Instagram account.

Besides being a pastor, Jonathan Pokluda is also an author, and has written a number of popular books. He also self-created a number of vlogging videos. In addition, he has also managed to get a large number of views on his Facebook page. He has also gotten some media attention for his social media feats. In addition, he has achieved the distinction of being named the Lead Pastor of the Year by Christianity Today in 2012. In addition, he has been named the best church leader in America, and has been featured in several publications. He and his wife are also involved in several denominational churches.

As of the time of writing, Jonathan Pokluda is the most influential church leader in the United States, and one of the most influential clergymen in the country. He is the leader of The Porch, which hosts more than 3,500 young adults in Dallas, TX. He is also a blogger, a social media influencer, and a motivational speaker. In addition, he has a Twitter account, and he is also a YouTuber. In addition, he has a book that was one of the best books of 2017. He has also written a book that was the best book of 2007.

In terms of the best book of all time, he has to be the one who wrote the best one. In addition, he has a number of notable accomplishments, including his book “The Porch”, which has gained a massive following, and his book “The Smallest Things”, which was also a notable book. In addition, he has a lot of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is also one of the best speakers in the world, and has gotten a lot of notoriety for his various lectures. In addition, he has also gotten the best speaker award for his book “The Smallest Things”. In addition, he has been named the Best Pastor in America by Christianity Today, and he is also ranked as one of the most influential pastors in the U.S.