John Waters Net Worth

John Waters is a well-known and popular American filmmaker. He has appeared in several films and series, including Hairspray, Desperate Living, and Sweet and Lowdown. His work also includes two feature films and several short films. His movies include “Cecil B. Demented” and “Pecker,” and he has written and directed several other films.

Waters has numerous properties, including two San Francisco and New York apartments, as well as a country home in Maryland and a summer house in Provincetown, Massachusetts. His net worth is estimated to be in the six figures, and he has a number of sources of income. Although his net worth is based largely on his career as a film director, Waters has been an avid art collector and has served as executive producer on several of his movies.

Waters has been making films since he was in his twenties. His films have received a variety of awards. In 1999, he was honored with the Filmmaker on the Edge Award at the Provincetown International Film Festival. In addition, he has been recognized with the Pardo d’onor Manor Award at the Locarno International Film Festival and the Honorary Golden Alexander at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. His personal properties include a summer home in Provincetown, Massachusetts and a lavish house in Baltimore.

Waters is an openly gay filmmaker and advocate for the rights of LGBTQ people. His relationship with his partner, Zoe Burton, is currently private. He has five children with Burton. His parents are John Samuel Waters and Patricia Ann Whitaker. Among his many accomplishments is the creation of the film “Hairspray”, which brought him $8 million in its first year. The film went on to make $200 million worldwide.

Waters grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where he met his inspiration, Glenn Milstead. He attended Towson Junior High School, Calvert Hall College High School, and the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. After high school, he attended New York University, but was expelled and returned to Baltimore. His net worth as of August 2022 is around $50 million.

Waters’ net worth has increased dramatically over the years. He is now a well-known director, having helmed several critically acclaimed films. His films are often subversive and have a wide fan base. Among his best-known films are ‘Hairspray’, which earned him a Tony Award for Best Original Comedy, and “The Seed of Chucky,” which garnered four Tony nominations.

Waters is also a writer with many published books. Some of his books include “Carsick” and “Mr. Know It All.” Waters is also a collector of books, having an impressive library and more than eight thousand books. He has also been nominated for a Grammy for his spoken word version of Carsick.