Joe Santagato Net Worth

Known as one of the top YouTubers, Joe Santagato has earned huge sums of money from his online videos. He is currently the CEO of a cell phone company called Wing, which provides contract-free telecommunication service. The company also allows users to choose their own phone plan. The company plans to disrupt the major mobile phone companies by offering consumers a free, contract-free service.

Originally called Santagato TV, Joe’s YouTube channel was renamed Extra Joe in 2014. He began creating videos since he was young. He had a passion for sports, and used his camera to shoot skits and parody songs. Eventually, he started working on YouTube videos and sketches, and his YouTube channel has since earned millions of viewers.

His YouTube channel currently has more than three million subscribers and he has earned a silver button from the video-sharing platform. He has also earned a large amount of money from YouTube advertising. He makes around $13,000 a month in advertising revenue, and he is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

He has a large number of fan followings on several social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Joe has a daily log that fans can follow, and he has a second YouTube channel. He also has a podcast. He is also a producer on iTunes. His podcast has reached the top position on the iTunes list of podcasts. In addition to his YouTube career, Santagato has invested in Wing. He is also working on a game project. He charges between $2,694 and $4,490 for sponsorship.

Earlier, he worked as a firefighter for the New York City Fire Department. He was also a waiter and a pizza boy. His parents were active in the community. His mother worked as a school secretary and his father was a firefighter. He attended a private school for elementary school and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic kindergarten. He later attended Queensborough Community College.

His parents, Joseph and Elizabeth, raised him in Queens, New York. He was also a member of the varsity championship football team. Santagato has three siblings. Currently, he is in a relationship with Instagram personality Sammy Rickey. His family is very close.

His personal life is not openly shared on the internet, but he does have close relationships with several of his friends and fans. His mother is Irish, and his father is Italian-American. He has a tight family, and he is very close to his siblings. His father is a retired firefighter.

He has been rumored to be dating his co-worker Sammy, but it is not clear if they have been dating. He has a large number of friends and followers, and his YouTube channel has a large number of subscribers. He is expected to become more famous in the future. His personal life is private, so there is little information available about it. He is also expected to have a large net worth in the future.