Jobs For Class B Truck Drivers

Class B drivers have a higher responsibility than other drivers, and they must use more caution while transporting cargo. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age to operate a Class B commercial vehicle, and they must pass a medical examination from the Department of Transportation. Some states also allow 18-year-olds to drive a commercial vehicle for intrastate commerce. Drivers can also earn different license endorsements, which can increase their job prospects.

A Class B truck driver’s duties include supervising loading and unloading cargo. They must also keep track of inventory, mileage, and fees. They must also adhere to all highway regulations. An applicant should read a Class B truck driver job description to determine the necessary skills and requirements for this position.

Most drivers choose to obtain a Class B CDL, as it allows them to operate a larger number of commercial vehicles and see more of the country. However, these drivers typically receive short-term, temporary, and local driving jobs. The pay for Class B drivers is typically lower than for Class A drivers.

Drivers with a Class B license are often responsible for straight trucks, box trucks, and large passenger buses. They can also be responsible for towing smaller vehicles, up to 10,000 pounds. To get a Class B license, you must meet specific state driving requirements, which include passing a driving test and a written test. In addition, you must complete truck driving school before you can drive a Class B truck.