Jobs at B&B Theatres Clinton Missouri Cinema 6

There are many different types of jobs at B&B Theatres Missouri Cinema 6, and the average salary is $111,656 per year. Salaries can vary widely depending on the department, level, experience, and education of the individual. For example, a manager at B&B Theatres Missouri Cinema 6 may earn much more than someone in a different department in the same company. Salary information is also impacted by the economic conditions of the location in which the individual works.

B&B Theatres Missouri Cinema 6 is located in Clinton, Missouri, and features six auditoriums that are compatible with premium formats. These cinemas also offer reclining seating, reserved seating, and wheelchair accessibility. The theater is near several restaurants, including Smith’s Restaurant and Applebee’s Grill and Bar. It’s also close to the Katy Trail and Henry County Museum. Lastly, you’ll find free parking outside the building.