Jill Wine-Banks Net Worth

Jill Wine-Banks has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The former prosecutor has a long list of notable roles, including investigating the Watergate Scandal during President Nixon’s administration. She is also one of the first women to hold the position of US General Counsel of the Army, which she held from 1977 to 1980. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and holds a JD from Columbia University Law School. In 1968, she joined the US Department of Justice as a prosecutor. As one of the first women to serve in the Department’s organized crime section, she was a major player in the Watergate scandal.

The lawyer is currently earning an annual salary of $87,125. She also co-hosts the SistersinLaw podcast. Jill Wine-Banks has been married twice and has two children. Her first husband was her high school mate Michael Banks, whom she married in 1978. Her second husband is an antique dealer. Although she is active on social media, her legal career is what generates most of her wealth.

Jill Wine-Banks’s personal life is private and rarely discussed. She has had several relationships but does not disclose her marriage status or whether she is divorced. Her first marriage ended in divorce. She later married antique dealer Michael Banks in 1982. She divorced him in 2004 and remarried a friend from her high school.

Jill Wine-Banks was born on May 5, 1943. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Later, she received an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Columbia University. Jill was previously married to Ian Volner. However, she has never disclosed her spouse’s name or any other information.

Jill Wine-Banks’ net worth has grown steadily over the years. Her career has made her a well-known figure in the United States. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. She has worked in various fields, including law and politics, and continues to keep a high profile.

Jill Wine-Banks was a founding partner of a human resources firm called Winning Workplace and served as CEO until her resignation in 2008. She later joined the Chicago Public Schools as Chief Officer for Career and Technical Education. She then became a consultant with F&H Solutions and worked as a legal analyst for MSNBC. Jill Wine-Banks’ net worth has risen steadily over the past decade.

Jill Wine-Banks was born on May 5, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. She was the youngest of her two daughters. She is 79 years old, and celebrates her birthday on the fifth of May each year. Jill’s net worth is estimated to reach $10 million in 2019. She is the richest lawyer in IL, as well as one of the richest lawyers.

Jill Wine’s net worth is largely due to her work for the US Department of Justice. She was the first female attorney to hold the position. Her work as a special prosecutor helped her gain public recognition. Jill’s famous cross-examination of US President Richard Nixon’s secretary Rose Mary Woods made her famous. Jill Wine’s role in the Watergate scandal also garnered her media attention, as she uncovered the mistaken deletion of a 12 minute section of a tape.