Jesse Wellens Net Worth

During his early years, Jesse Wellens was a troublemaker. He was kicked out of his local high school at age 16. He later joined the US Air Force. During his time in the military, he was stationed in Korea for one year. He then moved to New York when his career was taking off. He has been active on several social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. He has also appeared in some films, including Escape the Night and The Epic Rap Battles of History. In 2013, he released the song “Cookie Dance,” which was considered by many to be a prank.

As a YouTube star, Wellens has amassed millions of followers. His YouTube channel, PrankvsPrank, has over 1.8 billion video views. He has also won a Shorty Award for the best prank show. He has managed other YouTube channels, including Chipchocolate and DownRangeGaming. He has also appeared on the popular show Escape the Night and the Vlogumentary. He has also directed a few short films. He has not yet revealed whether he is married. He was rumored to have a 14-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Although Jesse Wellens has had a number of prank videos, he is not known for his romantic exploits. He has been linked to a number of women, but has never publicly stated his relationship status. His girlfriend, Jeana Smith, has been dating him for 10 years. After dating for so long, their relationship ended in 2016.

The couple was rumored to have separated in May 2016, but it was later announced that they have broken up. It was thought that Wellens had proposed to Jeana, but she refused. The pair split after years of dating, and the breakup affected the couple’s personal lives.

As for his net worth, it’s actually quite impressive. He has a total of $4 million. However, his net worth is still not as high as some of the other big-time YouTubers. Most of the money came from his Youtube channel, which racked up billions of views. As a result, he and his girlfriend have a combined monthly net income of $223,000, which is a nice chunk of change. But, his net worth is still a bit under the top 10 earners on YouTube.

In his spare time, Wellens produces prank videos for his various YouTube channels, and is actively engaged in the creative entertainment industry. He has also appeared on the short film series Escape the Night and the vlogumentary. He has also worked with fellow YouTubers like Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, and Shane Dawson.

As far as his health goes, he is currently single. He has been battling depression and has suffered from severe migraines. He has been able to manage his symptoms with medication. He has also managed to find a good job, though. His endorsement deals include Kuwalla Tee, Samsung, and Adidas. He is a producer of short films. His music video, ‘Cookie Dance,’ was one of the biggest hits of 2013. He has been active on various social networks, including Twitter and Instagram, and has even tweeted about his fourteen-year-old daughter.