Jeremy Roenick Net Worth

Jeremy Roenick is a famous American professional hockey player. He is a member of the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. He was born on January 17, 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is the eighth overall pick in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft. He is the third player from the United States to score more than 500 goals in his career. He has also been the recipient of two silver medals at the Winter Olympics.

During his NHL career, he has played for several teams including the Los Angeles Kings, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, and San Jose Sharks. In all, he played in 18 seasons and recorded 513 goals and 200 points. In addition, he played for the United States, helping the team win the World Junior Championships. Jeremy Roenick was a member of the American team that won the Stanley Cup in 2008. He has also been an Olympic hockey commentator. In fact, he has been an Olympic commentator for the past three Winter Olympics. He has been named to nine NHL All-Star games during his career. He has also been named to the Tournament All-Star team.

Jeremy Roenick has been married for 25 years to Tracy Roenick. The couple have two children. Their son is named Brett and their daughter is named Brandi. They have a house in Scottdale, California. In 2010, Jeremy Roenick was hired by NBC Sports as a studio analyst for NHL Overtime. In addition, he has co-hosted two episodes of The Best Damn Sports. He has also been a regular judge on Battle of the Blades.

Jeremy Roenick started his career in 1988 as a player for the New York Rangers. He played in the International Hockey League for a number of years, earning a Stanley Cup championship in 1994. He played with the Phoenix Coyotes until 2001. The former player was then traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2005 in order to clear the salary cap space. He played 58 games for the team, scoring nine goals and 13 assists. He then returned to the Coyotes for one season, earning $1.2 million.

He is considered to be the highest paid professional hockey player in the United States, having earned a salary of over $1,306,410 in 2008. In addition, he has a net worth of over $37 million. He has been listed as one of the most popular hockey players in the United States. He has also been listed as one of the celebrities born in the United States.

Jeremy Roenick has a dark brown hair color and he stands at 6 feet 1 inch. He is a white American and belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. He has two children with his wife Tracy. They have been married since 1992. They met while he was a student at Thayer Academy in Boston. They married at the Four Seasons hotel in Boston. Their children are living in San Diego, California. They also have a daughter in Germany.