JD McCabe and His Ex Wife Erin McCabe

Before his ex-wife broke up with him, J.D. McCabe had a long and loving relationship with Erin. The couple’s relationship was grounded in trust, and Erin claimed that it wouldn’t work without it. In spite of this, she gradually became suspicious of Danny’s every move and fabricated evidence of infidelity and drug addiction. This eventually led to the end of their relationship.

Erin McCabe was a secretary and receptionist at a specialty car dealership. JD McCabe, on the other hand, was a car salesman. The two met when Erin was 22 years old. Her parents were divorced, and she had a young daughter. The couple met when Erin was married to her first husband.

Erin McCabe accused her husband of infidelity and drug use, and the couple split in 2016. They were married for 17 years, and they had two children together. Erin also claimed that McCabe was using drugs and alcohol and was mentally challenged.

However, the story was not so simple. McCabe’s ex-wife allegedly lied to him and used their children’s names on drug prescriptions. She even signed documents naming her as the power of attorney for McCabe’s retirement fund. Her actions led him to suspect that she was abusing drugs and using his children’s names to fill amphetamine prescriptions. She also allegedly accused him of unfaithfulness and revealed that she had herpes.

Erin was only six when her father left her family. After that, she moved to Pittsburgh, where her mother met a man. Years later, she met JD, and the two were married for 15 years. Erin was the only daughter in the family.