Jane Grote Abell Net Worth

Despite the fact that she only started working at Abell in 2002, Jane Grote has quickly become a successful CEO of the company. She is a great example of how a CEO can take the time to establish a company that focuses on values and quality, instead of the money. She also teaches a class that trains new managers to run the business effectively.

Jim Grote started working in a pizza business at the age of 13

During his time at Ohio State University, Jim Grote developed a taste for the finer things in life, including pizza. He took his first foray into the pizza business at age thirteen, and was soon earning his kudos for being one of the best pizza makers in the state. In a bid to boost his nascent career, his father loaned him $1,300 to buy his first store. Upon returning home, Jim got to work on his business plan.

Several years later, after his collegiate career was over, Jim took his love of pizza to the next level and began a chain of restaurants dubbed as the Donatos. The chain has been around for over half a century, and boasts a variety of offerings ranging from thin crust round pies to baked taters. The company has also been known to lend a helping hand to its employees through their Family Promise program, which is in itself a worthy citation in its own right.

The chain has been so fortunate that it has been featured in a variety of television programs, from the Food Network to the History Channel. The company also has a philanthropic component, dubbed as the Donatos Family Promise Fund, which provides financial assistance to its employees. In fact, Jim says the company has helped over a million people since it opened its doors. One of the most important tenets of the business is to make customers feel as if they are a part of the family. The company has a staff of over 2,000 and is known for being one of the most family friendly employers in the state. This has been a boon to its customers and employees alike.

Her father wanted a business that stuck to values

Founded in 1963, Donatos Pizza is a family-owned pizza chain that is still going strong. The restaurant has 155 stores in seven states. The company is also known for its charitable efforts, and works with local schools, community shelters and non-profits to make a positive impact on local communities.

The company’s name, which roughly translates to “give a good thing,” is a play on the Latin phrase. The Grote family has made charitable contributions to build homes, donate time to help local schools, and donate money to develop communities. The company also sponsors local sports teams and participates in local and regional charitable events.

Abell’s father, Jim Grote, founded Donatos Pizza in 1963. He built his first store on Thurman Avenue in southern Columbus, Ohio. In addition to running the business, Jim and his children also brought up all four of his children.

One of Jim Grote’s children, Tom Grote, left the family business to pursue an upscale restaurant. However, after two years, Tom Grote decided it was time to return to the family business.

Jane Grote Abell, the daughter of Jim Grote, is the current executive chairwoman of Donatos Pizza. Abell graduated with a degree in organizational design, and was recruited to work for the company while she was still in college. She later went on to work for Donatos as their chief people officer.

Abell’s dad shut down two satellite restaurants, and he wanted a business with core values. She said the most important rule of thumb was to be nice to people. She also said the most important thing to remember was to give the best pizza to your customers.

Abell’s father is no longer in the business, but the company remains one of the best around. She is able to do her job as the company’s chief purpose officer, a position that includes overseeing the company’s charitable efforts and strategic planning. She also says the most important thing to remember is to move quickly when making decisions.

The company’s name is a play on the Latin phrase “give a good thing,” and it carries with it a hefty weight of meaning. The company has a long list of notable achievements, and has even helped develop communities in its own backyard.

Her new role allows her to focus on the chain’s mission

Founded in 1963, Donatos Pizza has grown from a small family-owned pizza restaurant to a franchised chain with more than 155 locations in seven states. In 2012, Donatos generated $166 million in sales. The company has a mission to create a positive impact in the communities where it operates. Its motto is “give a good thing.”

The Grote family’s commitment to the community is evident in the company’s name. Donatos means “give a good thing” in Latin. The company aims to give back to the community by helping local nonprofits and schools. It also works with Second Chance, a non-profit that helps people get back into the workforce. The company has also donated money to develop homes.

During her time at Donatos, Abell Grote worked with the store’s managers to help them achieve success. She taught them about the company’s corporate culture and how to work with people. She also trained managers on how to give good service and treat customers with respect. She later served as the company’s chief people officer.

The Grote family was very involved with Donatos after it was sold to McDonald’s in 1999. They were asked to help improve the South Side of Columbus, Ohio. This led to the creation of the Donatos Family Foundation. The foundation partners with national organizations and local nonprofits.

Jane Grote Abell is the founder’s daughter and Chairwoman of the Board of Donatos Pizza. She also serves as the Chief Purpose Officer of the company. She is the driving force behind the company’s buyback from McDonald’s in 2003. She now owns 20% of Donatos.

Abell Grote graduated from Miami University with a degree in organizational design. She has served on the board of several organizations, including the Columbus Young Presidents Organization, the Otterbein Women’s Leadership Advisory Council, and the American Heart Association’s Go Red Campaign. She has also been named to the YWCA Columbus Academy of Women of Achievement. She is also one of the top 24 women in franchising, according to Franchise Update Magazine.

Abell Grote and her husband, Tom Krouse, are also active board members for nonprofits in their community. They serve on the board of the Southside Learning & Development Center. In 2015, the organization helped more than 90 U.S. mayors tour the facility, which houses nonprofits that help people in the South Side of Columbus escape poverty.

She teaches a class for new managers

Currently the executive chairwoman of Donatos Pizza, Jane Grote Abell has held a variety of positions with the company. She has been named as one of the “Top 24 Women in Franchising” by Franchise Update Magazine. Her work has been featured on the CBS show “Undercover Boss” and she is a founding member of the Ross Leadership Institute. She has received honorary degrees from Otterbein University, Franklin University, and Capital University. She is also an emeritus board member for Goodwill Columbus. She serves on the Columbus Young Presidents Organization and the Otterbein Women’s Leadership Advisory Council.

In her book, Donatos, Jane Grote Abell shares her life’s journey as a pizza maker and the lessons she learned from her dad, Jim Grote. She shares her signature “4C’s of success”: character, customer service, a quality product, and a great work environment. She is also a public speaker on the importance of creating a positive culture in a family business.

As a woman who has worked in the business for many years, Jane Grote Abell has learned a lot about the importance of work-life balance. She says, “I prefer to wake up excited about what the day holds, and I want my team to do the same.” In addition to her work, she enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys attending her daughter’s school events, and she also likes to talk business with her son, who owns several fitness centers.

Jane Grote Abell was an important player in the buyback of Donatos Pizza from McDonald’s. She helped get the company back on track after the recession. Her work led to a $10.5 million turnaround. She now teaches a class for new managers, and she has received honorary degrees in Humanity from Capital University and Otterbein University. She has also been featured on “Undercover Boss,” and she is now a board chairwoman of Donatos Pizza. She is also the author of her first book, which was published in 2015. She will be speaking on creating a positive culture in a family-owned business at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on February 12. She will give attendees a sneak peek at her book and giveaway the first copies.