Jamie Wollam Net Worth – Theresa Polo and Jamie Wollam

Despite being a drummer, Jamie Wollam has achieved some fame after dating actress Teri Polo. The duo dated for a long time and eventually became parents to their daughter Bayley. However, their relationship ended in 2012. Theresa Elizabeth aka Teri Polo and her boyfriend Jamie Wollam separated in 2012. They welcomed their first child, Bayley, in 2007. They split up in 2012 and have been living separately since.

Theresa Polo is an American actress who has starred in movies like Meet the Fockers and The Fosters. She has also made appearances in TV shows like Law and Order: Los Angeles and Medium. She has a German and an English ancestral background. She was born in Dover, Delaware, USA, on June 1, 1969. She married photographer Anthony Moore in 1997. They have two children together.

After her marriage, Theresa took a break from her acting career to focus on her other projects. She got a role in the short-lived television series The Wedding Bells in 2000. She also had several guest appearances on popular shows such as Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds. She had also been featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine in February 2005. She was ranked 40 on Maxim Hot 100 Women in 2002.

Theresa Polo is known for her role as Pam Byrnes-Focker in the Meet the Parents trilogy. The actress has received critical acclaim for her role. She has also been involved with a number of famous musicians, including Michael Jackson, Zachary Brooke and Mindi Gledhill. She has been playing music since she was thirteen years old. She has played to various artists’ records, including KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Journey and Michael Jackson. She has been touring with many established musicians.

She has appeared in several other films and TV shows. She has also starred in The Phantom of the Opera miniseries and has worked with Robert De Niro. She has also acted in the Lifetime movie Network’s Legacy of Fear. In 2013, she landed the role of a new family drama series, The Fosters. She is currently working on a film called Deadly Delusion.

She has been married to other men before. Her previous husband was Anthony Moore, a photographer. There are rumors that Moore and Jennifer Lopez have had a son together. Theresa and her ex-husband were reported to have broken up after their divorce. In 2010, they reunited, and he is now dating a new woman.

She has been a part of many successful movies and TV shows. She has been featured in the covers of Playboy Magazine and InStyle. She is also a member of the Elite petite division. She has a very good body structure. She maintains her perfect measurements. Theresa has a net worth of over 800,000. She has two children. She has a mansion in Manhattan.

Her career began in 1986 when she appeared in the television series Loving. She subsequently had a role in the film Born to Ride. She later became a model. In 1995, she moved to Los Angeles. Theresa had a few modeling gigs before she ventured into the film industry.