James Iannazzo Net Worth

Known as a wealth advisor and coach, James Iannazzo is one of the top financial experts in the country. He has a net worth of over $5 million, according to Forbes. His salary is estimated to be between $80 and $85 thousand dollars a month. In addition to his job, he also volunteers for nonprofit organizations. He also coaches children in baseball and is a father to three. He lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife and three children.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1995 and received his Certified Financial Planner certification. He also attended Norwalk High School. In 2021, Forbes listed Iannazzo as one of the top 25 wealth advisors in the state. In addition, he has been recognized as one of the top 25 advisors in the country by Barron’s America’s Top 1200 Advisors.

James Iannazzo is a well-known American financial advisor who was formerly with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He has been in the financial industry since 1995 and has a wealth management license from both Connecticut and Texas. He has worked with numerous businesses as a wealth advisor, including Aegis Capital, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America. He has earned a reputation as a wealth counselor and is a role model to many finance professionals. He also volunteered for several nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. He has been active in the community and enjoys traveling with his family. His career has brought the Merryl Lynch business to new heights.

Iannazzo was a Merrill Lynch financial advisor when he made a racially charged rant against a smoothie shop employee. Video of the incident went viral on the internet and has received over 15 million views. The video has also been viewed by hundreds of thousands of TikTok users. One of the smoothie shop’s employees has uploaded a video of the incident to the social networking site. When the video was uploaded, Iannazzo was seen throwing a smoothie at the employee and making racist comments. This incident led to his arrest on charges of criminal trespass, intimidation based on bigotry, and breach of peace.

The charges against Iannazzo are set to be dismissed after he completes one year of probation. He was also ordered to make a $500 donation to a nonprofit organization. The incident is also being investigated for possible hate crime charges. He was arrested in Fairfield, Connecticut. He was also accused of making racist comments and harassing four employees. The police have said that he harassed two female employees, yelled at a third employee, and called the other employees “illiterate high school students” during the incident.

After his arrest, Merrill Lynch fired Iannazzo. However, some people have criticized the company’s decision. The decision was also criticized by the people who defended Iannazzo. The company released a statement shortly after the incident. Some have also said that Iannazzo should have been charged with a felony, as he was accused of making racist comments.