James Arness Net Worth at Time of Death

Considering his many roles on television and in the movies, James Arness had a very successful career, and his net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be over $7 million. He was also a very generous person, and he donated all of his wealth to charity.

Early life

During his early life, James Arness dreamed of becoming a naval fighter pilot. He was rejected. But later, he discovered his love for acting. He starred in many films. His best known role was as Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke.

James Arness was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 26, 1923. His father was a businessman. He had one sibling, Peter. Arness’ mother, Ruth Duesler, was a journalist. Arness graduated from high school in 1942. He served in the army during World War II. He also worked as an army gunner. He was injured during the Battle of Anzio, Italy. His right leg was injured by machine gun bullets. He was later medically discharged from the army. He lived in a car after the battle.

James Arness attended local high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from West High School in 1942. He worked at radio stations in Minneapolis. He also attended Beloit College in Wisconsin. He joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was active in the school choir.

James Arness was drawn to rugged good looks. He was also interested in sailingboat racing. He worked as a courier for a jewelry wholesaler in his youth. He also worked as a logger in Pierce, Idaho, and in Burlington freight yards in Minneapolis. He worked intermittently as a salesman and a carpenter. He also enjoyed poetry.

Arness was a friend of John Wayne. Wayne recommended Arness for the role of Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. The role made Arness famous. He appeared in many films and science-fiction movies. He became one of the most popular actors in the United States. He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Film career

During his film career, James Arness starred in several motion pictures. He also participated in US Military during World War II. His career was a mixed bag, with many highs and lows. He married actress Virginia Chapman, and had two children. He later went on to work as a photographer for National Geographic and a stock photo company. He also became involved with US Marshals charity work for several years.

Arness was awarded many awards and accolades, including the Honorary United States Marshal and the Western Heritage Award. He was also inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

He also received several bronze campaign stars, the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory Medal. He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

James Arness also starred in several television shows. His most famous show, Gunsmoke, ran for 21 years on CBS. It was the longest-running drama on television at the time.

James Arness died on June 3, 2011, from natural causes. He was the son of a traveling medical supply salesman and a newspaper columnist. In his youth, Arness worked as a courier for a jewelry company. He also studied at Bliss-Hayden Theatre School under actor Harry Hayden. He was also awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to American culture.

In the late 1970s, Arness fell in love with Janet Surtees. He married her in 1978. They later moved to a semi-retirement home in Brentwood. They still live there today.

The Marshal Dillon character is still a popular figure in American culture. He has been portrayed by several actors and actresses over the years, including James Earl Jones and Kelsey Grammer.

Television roles

Known for his acting prowess, James Arness left a rich legacy of over six decades in the entertainment industry. Before his death in June 2011, James Arness was estimated to have a net worth of $8 million US dollars. His net worth largely came from his acting career.

He started his acting career in 1947 after he left his job as a radio announcer. He appeared in numerous television shows and movies. The most famous of his performances was in the 1955-75 television series, Gunsmoke. He was paid $1,200 for each program and $20,000 for each episode. Today, this would be worth around $150,000.

He was honored with the Golden Boot Award, a bronze battle star for his performances in the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and a Purple Heart. He also received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

James Arness was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May 1923. His father was Norwegian and his mother was German. He grew up in a regular family. He went to Washburn High School in Minneapolis. He graduated in June 1942.

He started his career as a radio announcer at the Minneapolis station WLOL. His first film appearance was in the 1947 film, The Farmer’s Daughter. He also played a US Marshal in the movie, The Thing From Another World. He won the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman Badge. During World War II, Arness fought as a rifleman. He received a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and a Combat Infantryman Badge. He served in the US Army from 1943 to 1945.

James Arness’s daughter was killed in 1975. He married Janet Surtees in 1978. They were married for a total of six years. They had four children together.

Donated all of his wealth to charity

During his long and storied career, James Arness earned his share of the limelight. He starred in many TV shows and movies, and his name is now synonymous with the American west. His net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be $8 million. He had two wives and three children. He also starred in the TV remake of the classic Red River.

Arness was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 1923. His father was a businessman, and his mother was a journalist. He attended John Burroughs Elementary School and graduated from Washburn High School. He was drafted into the army in 1943. He served as a rifleman, and spent the war in Anzio, Italy. Arness later attended Beloit College. He married his first wife, Virginia Chapman, in 1948. They divorced in 1960, and James married Janet Surtees in 1978. They had two children, Rolf and Jenny Lee. He adopted his son Craig from Virginia.

James Arness was an impressive man. He was an avid outdoorsman, and spent much of his time on the ranch. He was also a close friend of John Wayne, and played supporting roles in a number of John Wayne films. He was also a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was a member of the Western Artists Hall of Fame. He was also the first actor to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In the end, he was a successful actor who left behind millions of dollars in his wake. He was 88 years old when he died, and had a hefty estate. He also left behind an impressive list of awards and recognition.


During his life, James Arness was a very popular actor. He has been credited for his work in films like The Thing From Another World, Them!, and Gunsmoke. The former actor also appeared in a few television shows.

The American actor was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father was Rolf Cirkler Aurness and his mother was Ruth Duesler Aurness. He was of Norwegian and German ancestry. He also had a younger brother, Peter Graves. During his childhood, he dreamed of being a naval fighter pilot. However, he decided to go in the Army instead. He served in the United States Army from 1943 to 1945. In 1945, he was honorably discharged.

He had two children from his first marriage. He also had an adopted son. After his divorce, Arness married Janet Surtees. The two of them were married until his death. He was a member of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. He married his second wife Janet Surtees in 1978. She was his second wife until his death.

The actor also received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations. He also received a Golden Globe Award. He is survived by his wife and two sons. The actor has also been awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After his death, James Arness’s estimated net worth was around $8 million. The majority of his income came from his acting career. He earned between $3 million and $5 million.

In his lifetime, James Arness starred in more than forty films. He also hosted an A&E series, Discover: World of Science. He also had roles in westerns. In addition to his acting career, he also worked as a radio announcer and worked for National Geographic. He died in June 2011.