Jaiya John Quotes

Jaiya John is an inspirational speaker, former professor of social psychology, poet, and former foster child. Her writings and quotes are powerful reminders for us to live with compassion, courage, and integrity. These pieces of writing can be placed in your office, home, or personal space.

Inspirational speaker

Jaiya John has shared her powerful messages with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She combines heart-stirring inspirations with healing words to inspire and uplift. Her message will touch your spirit, mind, and body. Whether you’re looking to inspire yourself or give a meaningful talk, Jaiya John is the right speaker for the job.

Jaiya John is a founder of Soul Water Rising, an educational mission that aims to improve human relations and eliminate prejudice. She is also an author, poet, and youth mentor. Jaiya has spoken to more than half a million people and has written more than a dozen books. She holds a doctorate in social psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz and has lectured to audiences all over the world.

Former professor of social psychology

Jaya John is a former professor of social psychology at Howard University and an orphan raised in the New Mexico desert. He has spent his life working toward personal and collective freedom. His new book, Freedom, is a gift for freedom fighters. It is easy to get discouraged and feel isolated during revolutionary labor, but Jaiya offers the encouragement and reassurance we need to keep pushing forward.

Former foster child

Former foster child Jaiya John is an inspirational speaker, poet, and human relations activist. She is the founder of the freedom project and a former professor of social psychology at Howard University. She has spoken to over one million people worldwide and to audiences of several thousand. She is the author of numerous books, including Fragrance After Rain, Daughter Drink This Water, and Freedom: Medicine Words for a Brave Revolution.


The words and messages shared by Jaiya John have sounded a deep chord in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Her writing is an invitation to contemplation, soul water, and awakening. She encourages us to tap into our inherent power and creativity to live a life of meaning, purpose, and service.

As an orphan growing up in the Indigenous New Mexico desert, Jaiya has spent his entire life seeking personal freedom. As an author and professor of social psychology at Howard University, he has written an inspiring book for freedom workers. But a path of freedom work is often lonely, discouraging, and exhausting. The words and quotes in Jaiya John’s book serve as a source of renewal, affirmation, and reassurance.

Former youth mentor

Jaiya John, an internationally known poet, youth mentor, and speaker, was born into foster care and now serves as the founder of the nonprofit Soul Water Rising, which promotes human relations and overcomes prejudice. John, a former foster child, has spoken to thousands of people around the world and has written award-winning memoirs. She also writes poetry, novels, plays for the stage, and children’s books.

Jaiya John holds a doctorate in social psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has also studied Tibetan medicine, which provides a holistic view of health. She is of Blackfee, Cherokee, and African descent, and her spirituality is evident throughout her writings.