Jah Cure Net Worth

Considering the fact that Jah Cure is one of the most influential people in the world, it is quite understandable why his net worth has increased drastically over the years. However, the exact figure remains to be unknown.


Despite being an accomplished Reggae singer, Jah Cure has managed to keep his private life under wraps. But he does have an official website and social media accounts.

As a reggae singer, Jah Cure gained his fame in the early 1990s. His big hit was King in this Jungle. His album debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. The album remained at the top for weeks.

Jah Cure was raised in Kingston Town, Jamaica. He began to show interest in music as a youngster. He performed at talent shows in his parish. In the late 1990s, his fame began to grow. He released a series of singles in Jamaica. He also produced several albums. He worked with producer Beres Hammond on his albums.

Jah Cure has released six albums. His latest album is called Royal Soldier. The album features Junior Reid, Mya and Tor Lanez. He also collaborated with American rapper Rick Ross. The single “Like I See It” features Ross.

Jah Cure was born in Hanover Parish, Jamaica on October 11, 1978. He was named Siccature Alcock. He was given the name Jah Cure by his uncle Capleton.

Jah Cure was arrested for stabbing a promoter in Amsterdam in October 2021. He was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison. The Dutch court rejected his claim of self-defence. During the jail period, his career was put on hold. In 2007, he was released on parole.


Known as the King of Roots Reggae, Jah Cure has been one of the most successful reggae artists of all time. His songs are proof that he’s a lyricist of exceptional skill. He’s been nominated for several music awards, and his album continues to do well around the world.

Jah Cure has been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. His self-titled debut album was released in 2001. He went on to release several more albums in the years that followed. Some of his most popular albums were recorded while he was in prison. He released his fourth album after his release. Performing live after his release, he was one of the last headlining acts at the Reggae Sundance festival in the Netherlands in 2007.

Jah Cure was born in Hanover Parish, Jamaica. He is now a resident of Kingston Town. His musical career began at a young age. He first got involved in reggae at an early age, and he started to perform in local talent shows. His interest in music would later pay off when he discovered that he had a talent for writing songs.

Jah Cure has been a fixture on the international music scene for decades. His music is a testament to his belief in a universal consciousness. His music has topped the charts in several countries, including the US and the UK. He has also collaborated with other reggae stars, including Sizzla, Beenie Man, and Beenie Man.

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During his life, Jah Cure has achieved many achievements. He is known for his career in Reggae Music and has collaborated with Flo Rida. He has released numerous singles and albums. His most recent release, “The Cure,” is nominated for Best Reggae Album of the Year in the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Jah Cure was born on October 11, 1978, in Hanover Parish, Jamaica. He began his music career at a very young age. He grew up in Kingston Town, Jamaica, where he engaged in reggae music. He gained popularity during the late ’90s. His single “King in this Jungle” was released in 1997. He also collaborated with Sizzla on that song. The song was a duet. He was also known for his lyrical skills.

Cure has worked hard to succeed. He has been able to produce several albums while serving an eight-year prison sentence. He was released on parole in 2007. He has also worked with Beres Hammond on tour in the Caribbean. He was also known for his collaborations with Mavado. He is known for his unique voice.

He has a daughter named Kailani Belle. Her name means beautiful chief from the heavens. Despite his affluence, Cure keeps his personal life out of the public eye. He is currently single. However, he prefers to keep his divorce secret. He has been married to television host Kamila McDonald. They were married on August 7, 2011. Their daughter was born on February 20, 2012.

Jah Cure has been a very successful music artist. His albums include “World Cry,” “The Cure,” “True Reflections… A New Beginning,” and “Royal Soldier.” He is currently working on his fifth studio album.


Known as the “king of lovers rock”, Jah Cure is a reggae-dancehall entertainer who has been on the rise since the late ’90s. He was introduced to the reggae world by producer Beres Hammond. He released his first single “Love Is” in 1997. It topped the charts. After his release, Cure began performing live. His second single, “Longing For,” was released in 1998.

Jah Cure released his third studio album, “Freedom Blues”, in 2005. It topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. His fourth album, “True Reflections,” was released in 2007. His fifth album, “The Cure,” topped the Billboard Reggae albums chart in 2015. It reached the number one spot on the Billboard Reggae albums chart.

In 2007, Jah Cure released “True Reflections (Prison Walls)” as well. He was married to television host Kamila McDonald. His latest album, “World Cry,” was released digitally on December 11, 2012. It went on general release in the US, UK, and Canada on December 29, 2012. The album features Mavado, Rick Ross, and Junior Reid.

Jah Cure’s musical signature is marked by his raspy voice and passion. He also is known for spearheading “conscious” music. He is a member of the Rastafarian sect, Bobo Dread. The group strives to highlight social injustice.

In September, Jah Cure faced legal charges in Europe. He is accused of attempted manslaughter and aggravated assault. He could face a 15-year prison sentence.

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Despite having been behind bars for eight years, Jah Cure has managed to get his music out into the public domain. His latest album went on general release in the United States and the UK, and he was even nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Reggae Album category. He has also been able to record some of his best songs in the confines of his cell.

He was also the first artiste to film a music video in a prison. He also smuggled some recording equipment into a one-man cell. Jah Cure’s manager, Nathan Cowen, says he was fine.

The video he shot was part of his European Tour, which included a trip to France. His tour director, Steve Ames, told the Observer that he was planning a “fantastical” tour of the UK, France, and Germany. He will also be performing favourites from his long list of hits. He also managed to squeeze in a fishing trip. His manager said he was “fine” and was looking forward to the adventure.

A man named Siccature Alcock, who goes by the alias Jah Cure, was arrested in The Netherlands last year. He spent Christmas and the new year behind bars. Despite a brief stint on parole in 2007, he was charged with a number of lesser crimes. He is now serving a six-year sentence for attempted manslaughter.

The court was presented with a number of eye-catching pieces of evidence. The court was able to see a video of the incident, read witness statements, and review CCTV footage.


Often dubbed the high priest of reggae, Jah Cure is a Jamaican singer/songwriter whose music has reached fans around the globe. A recent stint in prison fueled his artistic output and led to several notable achievements. Jah Cure released a number of albums while in prison and is currently on tour in the US and Europe.

Jah Cure’s music is distributed by Universal Music Group and Fontana Distribution. His debut album Free Jah’s Cure was a hit. His newest album, WORLD CRY, is scheduled for release in May of 2011 and will feature collaborations with many of the reggae industry’s biggest names. The album’s title track features a guest appearance by American rapper Rick Ross.

As the name suggests, “World Cry” is an album spanning genres. The album’s singles have topped the Jamaican charts. Some of the albums biggest hits include “Divide and Rule”, “Love Is”, and “Touched by an Angel”.

One of the more interesting things to come out of Cure’s incarceration was the release of three popular albums. Although the album’s release was postponed from July 2009 to February 2010, the new material was eventually delivered to the world at large. Jah Cure’s next tour will be in the UK and Europe. He will also take his new album on the road across the US and Canada.

The most obvious and fun fact is that Jah Cure was born Siccature Alcock on July 22, 1986 in Hanover Parish, Jamaica. He is currently signed to SoBe Entertainment in Miami, Florida.