Jackie Martling Net Worth

Throughout his years in the entertainment industry, Jackie Martling has gained considerable fame and a huge amount of wealth. Jackie has worked as a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and radio host. He has also been involved in several other writing activities, including a book.

Jackie Martling started his career in 1979 as a stand-up comedian. He then joined a comedy group, The Off Hour Rockers. After this, Jackie continued to release comedy albums. He also wrote sitcoms and novels. He also contributed to “The Howard Stern Show” as a writer. His success on this show led to him hosting his own radio show.

He was also a member of the ImprovOlympics. He also worked with Rick Dees on a radio show. Eventually, he moved to Japan. He also continued to make appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show. He has also appeared in many films and television shows. His work is still played on Stern’s best-of shows on Sirius/XM. He has also been involved in many charity events. He has been awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award from the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Jackie is a very good example of a successful comedian who has a lot of followers throughout the world. He is very popular and is also known as “Jackie the Joke Man.”

He was born in Mineola, Long Island, New York. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also worked as a construction worker. Jackie then joined a band as singer and guitarist. He also enjoyed gymnastics as a child. He grew up in a small village on Long Island. He also attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Students League, and Corcoran College of Art. He is also a member of the National Guild of Variety Artists. Jackie also has a passion for helping people.

He has worked on many countries around the world. He has also been involved with several radio shows, including the “Jackie’s Joke Hunt” show. He has also been a guest on many Top 40 radio shows. He has also been involved with the “Win Jackie’s Money” contest. He has also made guest appearances on Stern’s SiriusXM show. He has also been involved with the “Midwinter Night’s Dream” charity fundraiser. He has also been a member of several other comedy groups.

He was married to Nancy Sirianni for two years before she filed for divorce in 2003. He then dated several women. After his divorce, he dated Emily Conners. He has also dated Alisha Klass. He was fourth in the American Idol competition. He has also written a few novels. He has also become an inspiration for comedians all over the world.

Jackie is now 73 years old. He has a net worth of $2 million. He has earned most of his money from his time on the “The Howard Stern Show.” He has also made a lot of money through endorsements. He has also been featured in several commercials.