Jack Stuef Net Worth Revealed

Thrill of the Chase, a book by antiquities dealer and author Forrest Fenn, inspired a treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains. It also led five people to die while they searched for the treasure. The treasure was estimated to be worth between $1 million and $3 million. A few of the hunters found it, but others didn’t. Some suggested that the finder was hacked, while others claimed that Fenn had ended the hunt before the treasure was found.

A recent lawsuit against the estate of Forrest Fenn revealed a new name and identity: Jack Stuef. Stuef is a 32-year-old medical student from Michigan. In a recent article on the Medium website, Stuef identified himself as the person who found the treasure. He refused to reveal his location, but did state that the treasure is somewhere in Wyoming. He will not give up the secret, however, and has said he would take legal action against anyone who claims otherwise.

Mr Stuef has been in contact with author Daniel Barbarisi for several months. They had been corresponding without knowing Stuef’s real name, but decided to reveal his identity after a recent court order. After a federal lawsuit was filed against the unnamed finder, Stuef wrote a Medium essay identifying himself as the one who discovered the treasure.

Mr Stuef said he was drawn to the story after reading the book, but declined to give the specific details of how he found it. He also said he didn’t use modern technology to find the treasure. He had a rough idea of where it was before, but didn’t know the exact location. He also wanted to protect the natural features of the area. He plans to sell the treasure in New Mexico, but hasn’t sold it yet.

Stuef, who worked for traditional media, is a former journalist who is now a freelancing writer for Buzzfeed. He graduated from Georgetown University in December 2009. He has also been a free lance writer for Onion. Before becoming a writer, he was editor in chief of the Georgetown Heckler. He hasn’t had the treasure appraised, but he is considering equities investing. He has said that he has no intention of returning to medical school. His legal action against the Fenn estate is now in the hands of the US District Court for New Mexico.

The lawsuit is still ongoing, but Fenn’s estate has been served with a subpoena. If it isn’t transferred to Stuef’s heirs, it could be a matter of additional legal action. It is possible that the case will go all the way to the Supreme Court. If it does, the treasure’s secret could be out in the open, and the hunter may be subject to death threats.

Stuef hasn’t sold the treasure, but he says that he will, when he comes forward. He also has a medical school loan that he will need to pay off, but plans to sell the treasure to help pay his expenses.