Jack Harlow in a Fremantle Dockers Bucket Hat

A top hit rapper from the US, Jack Harlow, is on a short exhibition tour of Australia. Wearing a Fremantle Dockers bucket hat, Jack is posting highlights of his tour on social media. The rapper posted some interesting AFL highlights on his social media page.

‘Jack Portrait Hat’

The limited edition Jack Harlow Portrait Hat is available at the official e-commerce website. The hat is designed to reflect the upcoming singer’s look and will retail for $35 to $75. The hat will be available while supplies last. If you want to own one, you’ll have to hurry.

The hat features an image of the singer, as well as a KFC logo and the words ‘We Do Chicken Right.’ The hat and crewneck are made in black with the KFC logo embroidered on the back. The KFC logo is also on the front of the baseball cap.