Jack Ciattarelli Net Worth

The net worth of Jack Ciattarelli is 1.5 million USD. The physician, publisher, and consultant is well known for his work in the medical industry. Prior to entering politics, Jack Ciattarelli was a Certified Public Accountant and earned his MBA from Columbia University. In addition, he has four children with his wife, Melinda Ciattarelli. As of 2018, Ciattarelli has been cancer free since 2017.

Ciattarelli is a New Jersey elected official and has served on the Financial Institutions and Insurance committee and on the Regulated Professions committee. He previously held the position of Assistant Republican in the House. In the Republican primary for Governor, Ciattarelli placed second. In 2021, he ran for office again, but lost to Democrat Phil Murphy. Ciattarelli is a conservative, and supports the Republican Party’s candidate for president, Donald Trump.

Ciattarelli earned his net worth by running for governor of New Jersey in 2021. He belongs to the Republican Party, and he held a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2011 to 2018. In 2017, Ciattarelli ran against California Governor Gavin Newsom and came in second place. Despite his political success, Ciattarelli has yet to release his net worth. But he continues to rise.

Ciattarelli also has other sources of income. He appears in many television shows, making around twenty thousand dollars per episode. As a former judicial district representative, Ciattarelli has appeared in numerous TV reveals, earning 20 thousand dollars per episode. However, while Ciattarelli has a number of interests, his main source of income is acting. He made a total of four million dollars in five years.

Jack Ciattarelli net worth is estimated at $7 million. The politician has also served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2011 to 2018. He has been a member of the Republican Party since 2011. In 2017, he ran for Governor of New Jersey but lost in the primary. In the general election, he will face Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. This is expected to increase his net worth by nearly $100 million. The New Jersey General Assembly is currently in an election, and he has been running for Governor since 2017.