Is There a Difference Between Country Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Steak?

Chicken fried steak and country fried steak are both popular in the Southeastern and middle parts of the United States. While country fried steak is often served with white, cream gravy, chicken fried steak is more often served with a peppery brown gravy. In order to learn more about the differences between the two dishes, check out MasterClass Annual Membership, which offers access to exclusive video lessons from top chefs.


The original country fried steak recipe was developed without an egg batter. The steak is dredged in flour and then fried until golden brown. The dish is traditionally served with mashed potatoes. Its origin is unclear, but the dish is commonly associated with Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Read on to discover where the dish originated.

The dish is similar to chicken fried steak, although it is a much simpler dish. It is made from a cube of beef, fried, and covered with a rich brown gravy. It first became popular during the 19th century in the South, where tough cuts of meat were plentiful.

The original country fried steak recipe doesn’t use eggs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is inferior to chicken fried steak. It is simply a cheaper cut of beef that is usually a cube or round steak. The meat is breaded and seasoned and then fried in a cast-iron pan. Once fried, it is served with a rich gravy made from the pan’s drippings. The dish may also be served with vegetables, salad, and/or dinner rolls.

The origin of country fried steak is not clear, but it can be traced to German immigrants in the 19th century. German immigrants in the Hill Country of Texas brought the concept of fried steak with them. Germans, in particular, are well known for their “wiener schnitzel” – fried veal cutlets. In addition, the Oxford English Dictionary suggests that the term “chicken-fried steak” may have first appeared on a menu in Colorado.

Traditionally, the chicken fried steak has been served with country gravy. The recipe first appeared in a local newspaper in 1924, and recipes for chicken fried steak appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press and the Household Searchlight Recipe Book in the early 1950s. While the exact origin of country fried steak remains a mystery, the Oxford English Dictionary cites a restaurant advertisement in the Colorado Springs Gazette in 1914.

Chicken-fried steak was developed in Texas, where ranchers were not accustomed to cooking chickens. So, they would tenderize a cube steak, bread it like a chicken, and fry it. Then, they served the meat with chicken gravy and mashed potatoes. Today, the sauce is much thicker than it used to be and is a staple of the southern United States.


A country fried steak is a type of steak that is baked or fried in a batter. This type of meat is commonly served with a peppery white sauce or gravy. The main difference between a country fried steak and a chicken fried steak is the amount of gravy that is served with each. A country fried steak is a thicker cut of meat than a chicken fried steak.

One of the main differences between country fried steak and chicken fried steak is the fact that the first version of country fried steak does not use eggs in its batter. The absence of eggs in this version is thought to be a throwback to an earlier time when cattle trail cooks did not have access to the ingredients needed for traditional recipes. In contrast, traditional chicken fried steak is cooked with eggs and served with crackers.

Chicken fried steak and country fried steak are regional favorites, especially in the South. The latter is popular in the Southeastern United States and is often served with a peppery white cream gravy. The dishes share a similar flavor. If you would like to learn more about cooking chicken fried steak, you should consider joining MasterClass’s Annual Membership. This membership gives you access to exclusive video lessons taught by the world’s top chefs.

Although chicken fried steak are quite different, both are based on a traditional beef fried steak recipe. Both dishes feature a thick flour crust and are usually served with a cream gravy or sausage sauce. The origin of chicken fried steak is unclear, but several sources suggest that it may have been created in the 19th century after immigration to Texas.

Country fried steak is a popular dish in Texas and Oklahoma. While it is often associated with the South, it is also enjoyed by people in other states. The dish originated in the US and was popular in the early nineteenth century, but has since spread all over the country. While chicken fried steak is often deep-fried, country fried steak is traditionally pan-fried and has a gravy topping.


Chicken fried steak and country fried steak are both popular dishes, but they have some key differences. While the ingredients are similar, chicken fried steak is crispier, while country fried steak is a simpler cutlet. They are both fried in brown gravy, and both can be served with side dishes like mashed potatoes and green beans.

One of the biggest differences is the type of meat used. Chicken fried steak is breaded and fried, while country fried steak is pan-fried. Country fried steak is typically made with cube steak that has been tenderized and breaded. Both steaks are fried until they have a nice crust.

The beef used in country fried steak is typically cube steak, though it can be made with other types of meat as well. The meat is typically seasoned and fried, and the result is a delicious meal. The difference between chicken fried steak and country fried steak comes down to the way it’s prepared. Country fried steak is traditionally pan-fried in hot oil for three minutes per side. After that, the meat is submerged in boiling water for a few minutes, where it cooks inside.

Country fried steak is commonly served in the U.S., while chicken fried steak is more common in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Both are fried steaks, usually with brown gravy, and are often served with onions. Country fried steak is the older of the two dishes, and has a long history. However, the latter is more modern and has only recently gained popularity.

The gravy used in chicken fried steak and country fried steak differs slightly. Country fried steak is typically covered in a brown gravy, whereas chicken fried steak is usually covered in white gravy. The difference between the two dishes is most noticeable in the amount of gravy that covers the meat.

Chicken fried steak is the cheaper alternative to country fried steak and is commonly served with Texas toast and French fries. A recent addition to Country fried steak, chicken fried steak is a less expensive version made from chicken and beef. Both are prepared the same way, but in different ways.

Origins of chicken fried steak

Chicken fried steak is a traditional southern dish made of pounded beef coated in flour and then fried. It is typically served with a creamy gravy. Though this popular American dish has many historical and cultural roots, it actually originated in Germany. German immigrants brought the concept of chicken fried steak with them when they settled in Texas. A similar dish, known as wiener schnitzel, was popular in Germany during the 19th century. During this time, the dish made its way to the United States and became popular in the south.

While the origins of chicken fried steak are unknown, it is possible that the dish originated in the mid-1800s and spread throughout the American southwest. Some say the dish was created by German immigrants who wanted to create a cheaper beefsteak. Regardless of its true origins, this food is popular today in the U.S. and is a favorite among many Americans.

Chicken fried steak is typically made with a lean cut of beef. Although this type of steak is commonly made with a cheaper cut of beef, it is possible to substitute a more expensive cut if you prefer. It is typically served with mashed potatoes and a creamy gravy.

The origins of chicken fried steak are a fascinating story. It is a popular dish in Texas and throughout the South. It is often associated with a town called Lamesa, which is home to the city’s chicken-fried steak festival. In fact, this delicious meal was created accidentally, when a waitress ordered a steak and chicken at the same time. The cook then fried both the steaks together.

Chicken fried steak is a traditional American dish, made by dipping a beef steak in egg and flour. The meat is then coated with a light flour batter. Usually, egg and flour are used to make the breading, but in the West, bread crumbs are used instead. The meat is then fried in vegetable oil or lard, similar to a bechamel sauce.

Chicken fried steak has Austrian roots, but is now a popular dish throughout the United States. A thick slice of steak is dredged in seasoned flour and fried in oil. Then, the resulting steak is served with a creamy gravy.