Is Super Mario Party a Good Game?

Mario Party is a game that can be played with one or more players, either wirelessly using the console’s unique capabilities or locally with a set of controllers. It’s an old-school style of game where you take turns rolling dice and racing across a board, with various items collected to change how many spaces you can move and how they function.

Mario parties have been around for decades, with games being released on N64, Wii, DS, and even the Nintendo Switch. They’re a fun way to spend time with friends and family, but what makes them great is the variety of minigames they offer.

The Nintendo DS was the first home console to feature Nintendo’s unique touchpad, and it opened up all kinds of possibilities for games like Mario Party. Despite that, Mario Party DS failed to live up to the expectations of what the series had become over the years. It had a bunch of new minigames, and they were all great, but it had a surprisingly small number of boards and the lack of online play meant it was more geared toward single-player games than multiplayer.

On the other hand, Mario Party 8 used the Wii remote to a lot of extent, and that helped it succeed as a Wii title. Its short and simple minigames were a great way to show off the console’s capabilities, and they made a great game.

In some ways, Mario Party Superstars could have been a bad game, as it took all the ideas from Mario Party and tainted them with too much in the way of weird board gimmicks and different dice types. But it takes what worked about the series and refines it for a modern audience, putting together a game that’s still fun and addictive with plenty of surprises and twists.

For all its flaws, Super Mario Party is still a great game for people who enjoy playing games with their friends and family. It has 80 minigames that can be played with a single Joy-Con, and it’s an entertaining experience to play solo or with multiple players.

There’s also a handful of extra game modes to explore, including the new Partner Party mode which is a strict 2v2 game with double dice rolled for movement. It can be a little tough to get the hang of, but it’s worth trying out and it’s a welcome addition to the franchise.

But it’s not without its pitfalls too, and while the minigames are fun enough to keep you coming back, the randomness of the dice rolls and luck-based outcomes can make some of them feel a bit too easy. While it’s a fun game, it can also be frustrating and even a little demoralizing to lose a lot of coins.

Mario Party has always been a fantastic series, and while it can be difficult to find games that are both good and fun for a group of people, this game is certainly the exception to the rule. It’s a frantic, fun, and wildly popular game that’s best enjoyed when you’re with friends or family, and it can be a lot of fun even when you don’t have a lot of people in the room.