Is Rumble Stock a Buy?

Rumble is a social media platform that has been around for a while. It has a strong conservative following. The site is backed by billionaire Peter Thiel, who is also the founder of PayPal. This makes it a great stock to hold for the long term.

Rumble started out as an app, and then diversified into cloud services. Last August, it reported a new record for the number of active users. Now it’s looking to make the move to the public market. Currently, it has a market cap of over $3 billion. And it has a debt-free status. That means it can expand without being bailed out. But if Tate leaves the platform, there is a big chance that Rumble stock will fall by a large margin.

When Tate first joined Rumble, he announced that it was a “new home” for him. As Tate’s followers grew, Rumble was willing to give him a significant financial incentive. Unfortunately, the deal ended when Tate decided to leave Twitter and rejoin the platform in late November.

After he joined Rumble, Tate pushed the platform to the top of the app store. In August, Rumble reported an all-time high of 78 million active users. Since then, Tate has continued to grow the platform’s following. He is estimated to have more than a million followers, and his average views per video is about 500.

Rumble has also teamed up with a range of conservatives, from Donald Trump Jr. to former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Trump has shared many Rumble videos on his own platform, and Tulsi Gabbard has taken year-long contracts with the company.

While Tate’s deals were good for both parties, it’s not clear how much they actually cost. The Financial Times estimates that Greenwald made up to $160,000 a month from his subscriptions. However, many of his videos don’t reach the minimum 1,000 view mark.

A number of conservative venture capitalists signed on as investors. One of them is a sex-advocacy activist who has been banned from numerous Web2 platforms. Another is a former congresswoman who dabbles in government intelligence secrets and UFO lore. These deals are not uncommon in the right-wing social space.

Tate has a reputation for making disparaging comments about women. He’s been banned from several platforms, including TikTok and YouTube. Recently, he was booted from Instagram. Moreover, he’s been suspended from Meta Websites and Facebook.

Despite all the controversy, Andrew Tate has helped Rumble rise in popularity. His move from YouTube to the site was accompanied by a 45% increase in the number of daily active users. Some say that Rumble has become an echo chamber for the conservative community.

Although Rumble is a conservative favorite, it’s also known for its blanket paranoia. The platform bans promoting terrorist groups, racism, and incitement of violence. Yet, the company is a popular platform for free speech.

While Tate may have become the face of Rumble, he’s only one of many celebrities that have been banned from the site. As global turmoil escalates, there is an increasing demand for quality alternative media sites.