Is Mike Holmes Married Now?

Mike Holmes is a well-known Canadian personality who has made his name as a professional contractor. He is famous for his appearance on the TV show, Holmes on Homes on Canada HGTV, where he rebuilds destroyed houses and renovates the ones that need repair. He has also established a foundation for children who are in need of financial support. However, despite being a popular television star, the star is a secretive man who does not share much about his private life. Many people wonder if he is married or not. The answer to the question is he is not married but in a long-term relationship with a woman named Anna Zappia. The pair are often seen together at social and red-carpet events. Mike sometimes refers to Anna as his wife but they have not married yet.

Is mike holmes married now?

Mike is a divorced man but he has two children. He was married to his first wife, Alexandra Lorex, in 1982 when he was just 19 years old. The marriage was a happy one for a few years and they had a daughter and a son. But things changed in the 1990s when a recession struck and Mike lost a lot of money. This put a strain on their marriage and it finally ended in divorce.

After the divorce, Mike dated Anna for a long time and they are still in a relationship to this date. They are not married but they do share a deep connection and are close friends. Anna has always helped him in his endeavors and she has been an important part of his success. She has even said that Mike’s career would have stalled if it wasn’t for her and her constant encouragement.

Besides their personal friendship, the couple is also working on some projects together. They have even appeared on some reality shows together. Besides this, the couple has their own charity work that they do. They help the less fortunate children of their community and promote skills in youth.

The eldest child of Mike and his ex-wife, Amanda Holmes, is a successful personality in her own right. She has worked on some reality shows with her father and she is a co-founder of Shananda Production. Sherry, the other child of Mike, is also a successful television personality who has starred in several of his shows.

As of now, there is no information about the third child of Mike and his ex-wife. They have a good affinity with their children and they often appear on their dad’s TV shows. Moreover, they have helped them in their professional lives by giving them training to follow in their footsteps. Mike also taught his son, Mike Holmes Jr. to become a professional contractor. They have a good bond with each other and are very supportive of their father’s work. This is the reason why they are so popular in the industry.