Is Mike Holmes Jr Still Married?

Mike Holmes Jr is an interesting individual. He is married to Lisa Grant, an herbalist and holistic health coach. Together they share a longstanding history that is very close.

Mike keeps his family life relatively private; we do know he is both father and grandfather though!

Mike Holmes Jr. is married to Lisa Grant

Mike Holmes Jr. has over two decades of experience working in the construction industry and is best known for his appearances on HGTV shows such as Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes It Right. In addition to these appearances he works as a skilled trades advocate and public speaker while maintaining an active social media presence where he shares updates about himself and projects with followers.

Mike and Lisa Grant held their wedding ceremony in Ontario’s Blue Mountain region with close family and friends present, in August 2017. Mike and Lisa met while dating as high schoolers; after reconnecting in October 2013, their feelings had not changed over time; thus prompting an engagement proposal in November 2016; their wedding took place outdoors on September 1, 2017, featuring over 120 guests as witnesses to this picture-perfect affair.

Mike Holmes Jr is not only a successful TV host and contractor; he is also a talented woodworker and carpenter with years of experience completing custom projects for homeowners. With an in-depth understanding of building science and an immense passion for home safety education, Mike also enjoys sharing his musical talent.

He is an extraordinary guitarist renowned for his innovative blend of traditional and modern rock styles. He has collaborated with several musicians including singer Sheila Walsh and drummer Rob Malcolm. Additionally, he is currently working on his solo album to be released later in 2016.

Mike is always there for his wife and children. He forms strong bonds with each of his kids, posting images of them to Instagram or attending sporting events to show his support for their daughters.

Mike is not only a talented singer but is also an enthusiastic gardener. With an eye for detail and green thumb, Mike tends to a variety of plants at his Toronto home while sharing his expertise through blogging about gardening with others.

Mike loves spending his free time relaxing with his wife and dogs, hiking and cycling. Additionally, Mike is passionate about supporting local charities and community organizations; regularly visiting various charitable institutions across Canada while hosting charity events to raise funds for local causes. Mike has been actively involved in several community-based organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association, Youth Employment Services and Canadian Red Cross; his colleagues and peers highly respect him due to his caring personality and professional approach.

Mike Holmes Jr. is married to Anna Zappia

Mike Holmes Jr is an acclaimed Canadian entertainer, TV host, project manager, public speaker, and home backer. His most acclaimed projects are Holmes on Homes and its spin-offs as well as working with Skills Canada for youth trade development through Holmes Foundation’s support programs for trade apprenticeship. Mike remains popular on television and boasts many fan followers despite keeping his personal life private but there have been reports stating otherwise; there were even claims circulating stating they are secretly married; though these claims do not hold water and have no basis in factual reality!

Mike shares three children from his first marriage with Alexandra Lorex: daughter Amanda Holmes and son Sherry Holmes are involved with his construction business, often featuring on shows or appearing with him in videos. Even after divorcing his ex-wife, Mike remains close with both children.

After experiencing an extended break-up, Mike Holmes found love again with Anna Zappia and they have been together for over 20 years now. Both often post photos of one another online as well as referring to each other as their wives; Mike Holmes even refers to Anna in interviews as such.

Even though they have yet to become legally married, this couple live together and remain very close. Together they have traveled and experienced many happy moments together. Their strong bond has helped them face difficult circumstances together and never let anything interfere with their happiness.

Romance began between these two when they met in high school and has continued ever since. Now in a committed relationship, neither have plans of getting divorced anytime soon and have managed to maintain a healthy and stable bond despite busy schedules.

Mike and Anna have persevered through any difficulties to form a solid relationship for their family. Mike credits Anna with helping him find his career in television broadcasting and rebuild his construction empire; in turn, Anna taught him the value of spending quality time with family.

Mike and Anna have each become highly successful in their respective careers, working tirelessly towards reaching their goals. Their achievements are evidence of their dedication and perseverance; their fans find them inspirational; they continue to excel despite facing difficulties; their relationship is an example for others to follow – with great mutual respect between them both and commitment to maintaining it; both are happy in life, enjoy spending time together.

Mike Holmes Jr. is married to Alison Harding

Mike Holmes Jr, is an experienced contractor who has appeared on countless television programs, hosting his own home inspection show called Mike Holmes’s Home Inspector. Not only is he renowned as an outstanding builder with strong work ethics; but also working closely with charities and helping those in need is something which drives him everyday.

Mike founded the Holmes Foundation in 2006 to inspire young people to join the building trades, as well as aid those affected by poor renovation projects. Mike works closely with Skills Canada and World Skills to spread his message, and is involved with multiple other projects currently.

Mike Holmes’ parents divorced when he was young, yet he has always remained close to both of his mothers. He spent summers living with her and her two daughters. Additionally, Mike developed an avid interest in construction that has enabled him to build homes all around the globe.

At six years old, his father taught him how to build, and by 21, he had his own contracting company employing 13 staffers. Over his 20-year construction industry career, he has successfully launched multiple businesses; these include Holmes Inspection (2009), Holmes on Homes (2001), and Holmes & Holmes (2016).

Mike Holmes Jr’s mother, Alexandra Lorex, was a teacher. Born in Toronto and later moving to the U.S. as a teen, she has an older sister Sherry who also appears on the show; Mike himself also shares his family business.

Mike and Alison remain united despite reports of their separation, sharing interests like cooking, traveling and outdoor activity. You’ll often see them post pictures and videos from their adventures on social media platforms like Instagram.

Recently, they’ve been featured on HGTV’s Rock the Block together, where they renovate homes in order to win competition and have worked closely together, sparking speculation of dating rumors.

Mike and Alison both host property shows on HGTV and share a passion for helping individuals improve their lives. These two have long been close, spending much of their free time together as friends. Both professionals remain dedicated to their careers while holding family values near and dear.

These two individuals share a passion for healthy living and enjoy hiking, bicycling and kayaking in their free time – they also spend quality time with Cali and Lacey the dogs! In addition to personal life activities like this they both are heavily committed to charity work with several projects underway such as their future restaurant opening which will feature healthy dining in a unique atmosphere – as well as making several appearances on television shows such as The Marilyn Denis Show and Entertainment Tonight Canada featuring Mike.