Is JG Wentworth Still Alive?

It’s difficult to tell when J.G. Wentworth is still alive, but the company has been reorganized in recent years and is no longer in bankruptcy. In fact, its holding companies came out of bankruptcy last June. If you have outstanding debts from J.G. Wentworth, it may be a good time to start paying more attention to the company’s payment plans. If you are in need of a loan, you should find out whether the company is increasing monthly payments.

While many firms hide the identity of their customers in court records by using initials, some firms have even sued competitors who scrape the records. That’s because rivals may swoop in and offer a better deal before the transaction is approved. In fact, RSL Funding has been in court battles with its competitors for more than a decade. The company has a three-and-a-half-minute video explaining how consumers can avoid falling prey to scams from companies claiming to offer better deals.

The company has been involved in over 1,200 lawsuit settlement deals since 2005, with a cumulative loss of 0.08%. Its marketing efforts involve direct mail and online ads. It faces constant pressure to sell. One recent study found that 25 people accounted for nearly 20% of settlement payments sold in Minnesota over the past two decades. One of the biggest lawsuit settlement buyers in the industry, J.G. Wentworth has gone to court thirteen times since 2010.

The company operates under several brands. In addition to the main J.G. Wentworth brand, it also operates under the name J.G. Wentworth. The firm offers a wide variety of financial products and services. If you are looking for financial services to buy structured settlements or annuities, J.G. Wentworth may be the answer to your questions. Its products are used by millions of people, making it an extremely popular option.

The company specializes in helping consumers in financial hardship. In addition to its structured settlement and annuity payment buying services, JG Wentworth also provides debt counseling and negotiation services. Its clients typically receive their cash within three weeks, after the contract is finalized. Its services come with a 15% fee.