Is it OK to Kiss Your Best Friend?

If you’ve developed a crush on a friend, you may be wondering if it’s OK to kiss them. This can be a tricky decision, because it could ruin your friendship. It can also lead to unwanted feelings, especially if you haven’t been friends for long.

You may think that it’s only a matter of time before your crush turns into a romance, but that doesn’t have to happen! You can learn to kiss your friend without risking their years of closeness.

It’s perfectly normal for your best friend to give you a cheeky smooch on occasion, but it might indicate that they want to be more intimate with you. This is often seen in friends who have a deep bond with one another, according to psychologist Sarah Shaw.

Your best friend might also kiss you on the lips when they’re feeling romantic or are unsure of their feelings. This is often a sign that they are in the middle of thinking about dating or may be open to exploring a relationship.

When a friend wants to kiss you, it’s likely because they care about you as a person. This can be shown in various ways, including the way they treat you, the things they say and how they behave around you.

Body language can also help you figure out if your friend wants to be kissed, says psychologist Jennifer Cane. Positive body language indicates that she likes the idea and negative body language tells her that she doesn’t.

If you’re wondering if your best friend wants to kiss you, try to look into their eyes. They’ll know that you’re thinking about kissing them if they look into yours.

You might also be interested in knowing that kissing on the lips is not only intimate, it’s actually good for you! It burns kilojoules and increases the flow of saliva, which fights bacteria and fungi.

A kiss on the lips can be a great way to start a conversation and get to know your friend better. It also gives you a chance to flirt and see how they respond.

It can be awkward and even a little nervous when you’re about to kiss your best friend, but it will all fade with time. And if you’re really worried, it’s OK to talk about it with them and let them know how nervous you are.

Your friend might feel a bit jealous or resentful after they kiss you, but this is totally normal and can be a natural reaction. It’s important to keep these feelings in check and remember that you two are still friends.

If you do have feelings for your friend, resist the urge to be jealous or resentful. This can lead to further problems in your friendship and make you less likely to be able to remain close.

If you are not sure if your friend is ready for a kiss, then it’s always best to keep your options open and stay friends with them as much as possible. That way, you can explore a relationship if it turns out to be the right thing for you.