Is Hermes the Worst Delivery Company?

Hermes – formerly MyHermes – has placed last in a league table of the UK’s major parcel delivery firms, and has come under fire from Citizens Advice who warned about “huge cracks” in the industry ahead of Christmas rush season.

Hermes has come under scrutiny after videos surfaced showing drivers throwing packages directly into vans or driving off without first waiting for signatures – but are they truly the worst carrier?

1. Hermes has a poor reputation

Not much love can be had for courier firms these days; until your other half’s Christmas present arrives on time and you start having issues, most people tend to forget all about them until something goes wrong and you start criticising them on social media. Hermes, one of Britain’s largest delivery services, has an unfortunate track record – accusations have been levelled at them for mishandling parcels and instructing workers not to inform customers when mishandling parcels occurs.

But the company maintains all allegations are false and do not reflect how its 20,000 couriers work. In response, Evri will change to Hermes as part of a rebranding move designed to enhance its image.

The new company will also introduce UK-based customer service teams and 200 Hermes experts based at depots throughout the country, while also creating a more modernized logo and brand identity for its workers – such as auto-enrolling them in a pension scheme and improving training and career development programs.

Prior to the Christmas rush, Hermes has increased its recruitment of drivers in order to meet demand. Furthermore, bonuses will be given out to existing drivers while investing in a new van fleet to improve driver safety and efficiency – not forgetting its commitment to faster complaint resolution times.

Hermes has long been criticised by consumers. It placed dead last in a Citizens Advice league table of delivery companies in November, scoring only 1.5 stars for reliability and two stars for customer service and trust compared with Yodel and Amazon Logistics who both earned over three stars.

CitySprint (now MyHermes) came in last in this year’s poll despite showing some improvement from last year; still at the bottom of its league and far behind market leaders such as Amazon Logistics and DPD Local.

2. Hermes is expensive

Hermes is a luxury brand known for selling leather goods such as handbags. Their bags are expensive due to using premium materials with intricate designs; additionally, Hermes uses high-end hardware and stones – its Sac Bijou Birkin bag contains 2,712 diamonds! Despite these high prices, customers of Hermes never seem to regret spending so much money on its products.

Hermes was an important messenger god in Greek mythology, often associated with travel, commerce and communication. Typically depicted with his iconic winged staff or Tridents to symbolize his power over winds; Hermes is well known for quickly conveying messages quickly to mortals from Olympus gods and goddesses and patron god of travelers and merchants alike.

Hermes Paris was established by Thierry Hermes in 1837 as a maker of high-end harnesses for horses, eventually branching out into leather goods and accessories for both humans and horses. Today, Hermes remains a family business which continues to produce some of the world’s most luxurious brands at extremely high costs.

Hermes bags can cost as much as $500,000 each, due to being constructed using premium materials with intricate details that last over time and generation after generation. Hermes also offers lifetime warranties on its bags.

Hermes offers their customers an extensive range of delivery options to choose from, from home and business deliveries to same-day and next-day services. Their 24/7 call center offers assistance for customer inquiries or issues; customers can track orders online; they even have an app available to track deliveries and updates on statuses of orders remotely – both are free downloads on iPhone and Android devices for easy use!

3. Hermes is slow

Hermes was revered as the god of quick travel and communication; he also provided protection to gymnasia (ancient Greek training centers) and palaestrae. Furthermore, Hermes served as Heracles’ guide when making his return journey home in Homer’s Odyssey.

Zeus and Maia gave birth to Hermes, an early-born deviant renowned for his mischief-making as an infant. From birth, Hermes would sneak out of his crib to cause havoc by stealing Apollo’s sacred herd of cattle; needing their intestines for his first lyre creation project he covered his tracks by walking backwards – an act which didn’t go down well amongst the gods, leading them to summon Hermes for hearings at Mount Olympus.

As Hermes matured, he rose to become one of the most revered messenger gods and leader of the Heraia, an alliance of 50 hedonic deities who watched over mortals. He patronised travellers and could provide prophetic dreams for mortals; additionally he was often considered as god of speed and communication because of his ability to travel faster than other divine beings and make journeys between worlds more easily than anyone else.

Hermes remains one of Britain’s premier courier services; however, its popularity has recently been marred by allegations that it is slow and unreliable – in fact MoneySavingExpert ranked Hermes second worst among its league table companies for this criteria – not to mention being accused of disregarding complaints about mishandled parcels.

Though these allegations are made, the company maintains it is actively improving its service. Rebranding to Evri, its CEO declared this mark of intent “to lead in creating responsible delivery experiences for every ‘Evri one’ and every ‘Evri where'”.

However, it remains uncertain whether Hermes’ recent changes will help improve its reputation; many customers continue to perceive Hermes as unreliable. Furthermore, as online shopping volumes increase exponentially over time, Hermes will need a reliable platform capable of keeping pace with demand.

4. Hermes is unreliable

The company has been accused of mishandling parcels and even discarding them without waiting for signatures – even one driver was accused of throwing one customer’s suitcase into his van without waiting for signature – before driving off without waiting to sign anything. While an apology has since been offered from them, allegations continue to arise against them.

Hermes can be unreliable when it comes to tracking. Their tracking system often fails to update, leaving customers in the dark about where their parcel has gone – an experience which may prove especially frustrating if attempting to locate time-sensitive items.

Hermes courier does not guarantee delivery windows for packages purchased online, which can be an inconvenient reality. If guaranteed delivery windows are important to you, consider switching courier services instead.

Recenty, Hermes was rebranded to Evri and pledged to provide superior service. Additionally, the company announced plans for a “new look and feel” that will enhance its reputation further; and that TV commercial will soon be released to promote these changes.

Hermes has been accused of mishandling parcels, but the company denies these claims. Hermes claims that most of its couriers are hardworking and honest; when there are exceptions however, Hermes states it takes steps to expel them from its business.

Hermes remains one of the UK’s premier courier services despite these shortcomings, working with nearly 10,000 independent couriers to offer door-to-door delivery services for Hermes customers. Per delivery fee payments allow them to work unlimited hours while keeping costs to a minimum.

Hermes was recently listed by Citizens Advice as being among the worst courier services, receiving 1.5 out of five stars in their ranking compared to Yodel, DPD, and Amazon Logistics.