Is Being an MRI Tech a Stressful Job?

If you’re interested in a medical career that combines the hands-on nature of a doctor or dentist with the patient-facing aspect of a nurse, becoming an MRI tech might be the right fit for you. Not only is this a fast-growing field that pays well, but it also requires specialized training and offers plenty of opportunities for growth.

MRI technologists are responsible for placing patients in the MRI machine and scanning the parts of the body that need diagnosis. They also keep patients comfortable during the scans and answer their questions. This means they have to be very good communicators, a skill that comes in handy when you’re dealing with anxious or claustrophobic patients who need to know that everything is going to be okay once they step inside the machine.

Safety is always a major concern for this job, especially when it comes to radiation exposure. MRI technologists are required to screen patients for any precautions they should take before entering the magnetic field and research any implants or devices that could be damaged by the MRI equipment. They also have to make sure that the patient is able to eat, drink, and move during their time in the scanner.

Radiation is a huge issue, and many MRI techs experience recurring health problems from excessive radiation exposure. This can lead to fatigue and other ailments, so it’s important to be aware of your limitations and take steps to avoid it as much as possible.

Work-Life Balance: Being an MRI tech requires you to be a people person and interact with many different types of patients on a daily basis. This can be difficult for some, but it’s not impossible if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn new skills and grow in your career.

Earnings: The starting pay for an MRI technician is $30 per hour, and this can be significantly higher for experienced professionals. It’s not a bad starting salary, and you can expect to increase your pay throughout your career if you work hard.

Aside from earning a decent wage, MRI techs have the opportunity to choose where they work and what types of jobs they want to do. They can choose to work in a physician’s office, hospital or outpatient center, lab, or government agency.

Benefits: Being an MRI tech is an excellent way to boost your technical, leadership, communication, critical thinking and even mathematical skills. Moreover, MRI techs get to spend more time with their patients than they would in other healthcare professions, so they are able to build a closer relationship with them and make their patients feel comfortable during the procedures.

Stress: No job is without its stresses, and MRI techs are no exception to that rule. MRI technologists must be incredibly careful in protecting themselves and their patients from the harmful effects of radiation exposure, which can cause serious illnesses and even death.

MRI techs are also often required to be physically strong and dexterous, as they may have to lift their patients into the machine or help them out of it once it’s finished. The physical demands of this job can be challenging for some, so it’s important to decide if you’re ready for them before you start your training.