Is 10th Marksheet Necessary For Passport?

A 10th marksheet is not the only thing you need to get a new passport. You will need a birth certificate, voter ID, Pan Card, and other pertinent documentation to prove you are indeed eligible for the passport in question. In addition to these items, you will need to make a few small changes. If you do not want to spend the required amount of money for a new passport, you can opt to reissue your existing one. There is a fee for this service, which is approximately 2,000 INR. However, if you have a ration card, you can save a few bucks.

One of the things you will find on the passport application form is a little something called the emigration clearance required (ECR) certificate. The ECR certificate is a must for anyone who is going to work, live or study in a foreign country, as it is a proof that you are a legal resident of that particular country. While you are waiting for your emigration certificate, you may want to apply for a visa or two. This is also the time to make sure your other necessary documents are up to date.

It is a good idea to consult your travel agent before making the journey. They will be able to point you in the right direction and help you find the best deal. Also, be sure to take along your parent’s original passport as you will need it as a proof of citizenship. Finally, be sure to make a list of all your important papers so that you will be able to retrieve them if you ever need to replace them.

As for the actual application process, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. First, make sure you are applying for the right type of passport. This is particularly true if you are applying for an adult’s passport. After that, you will need a valid photo ID as well as a few other requisites.

To ensure that you have a good time, be sure to choose your lucky numbers wisely. For instance, if you are applying for a passport for your daughter, she will need to be at least eighteen years old. Then, there are the documents that matter, and of course, the application itself. Lastly, be sure to have a plan B in case you do not make it to the interview stage. With a little preparation, a passport can be your ticket to your dream job. And, if you have a kid who is eager to follow in your footsteps, the enticing world of international travel may be just around the corner.

Although the name atop the coin is still the best way to go, you can do just as well by shopping around. In fact, a new passport can cost you less than $1500, but if you are looking to renew your current passport, you can expect to pay as much as a few thousand dollars.