Ironmind Andrew Tate

If you are a big fan of combat sports, chances are you have heard of Andrew Tate. The 4x kickboxing world champion is one of the more well known faces of the sport. He is also a very successful entrepreneur. As of this writing, he is estimated to be worth around $500 million. In addition to his kickboxing empire, he also runs Hustler’s University. This website offers training courses in everything from drop shipping to male/female interactions.

Not to be outdone, Tate also operates a webcam studio where he gets to hang with his pretty girlfriends. Aside from his wealth, he is a stickler for discipline. One could argue that his success is a result of his unflappable attitude. But he does have some tricks up his sleeve. For example, he claims to be able to trick a lie detector with a hat.

Another tidbit about Andrew is that his first name is actually Emory. He was born December 14, 1986 and grew up in England. His parents were both professional chess players. Despite being raised in a dynasty, he was taught the nitty gritty of the trade. With his knowledge and experience, he has forged a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Probably the biggest challenge is finding the time to go to the gym. Although it may not be the most convenient thing to do, being a fighter means having to be at your game at all times. To accomplish this, you have to put in the hours.

Using the right techniques, you can achieve a fitter you than you know what to do with.