Interesting Facts About the Josh Kesselman Net Worth

The Josh Kesselman net worth is around $11 million. This businessman is the CEO of RAW rolling papers, which controls 30 percent of the rolling paper market in six states. In addition to his professional success, Kesselman is also quite public, appearing at countless events and forming personal connections with many celebrities. The following are some interesting facts about Kesselman’s net worth. You’ll be surprised to learn about his wealth and personal relationships!

Josh Kesselman started his company, Raw, in 1995, which sells vegan rolling papers. He also uses his social media accounts to spread the Raw brand among celebrities. His Instagram account has over two million followers and he also shares his activities on Twitter and Facebook. Despite his modest net worth, he still continues to make money and continue to spread the Raw brand. And while we’re talking about social media, Kesselman has been working to expand his business into other areas, with an eye toward expanding the Raw brand to more regions.

Despite his modest net worth, Kesselman’s net worth is largely based on the profits of his RAW rolling paper company. The company has a worldwide presence and employs more than 2000 people, largely in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to his company, Josh Kesselman also owns various other businesses, including RAW Rolling Papers. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

After college, Kesselman sold his possessions to start the RAW company. RAW was originally an imported Spanish rolling paper company. However, Kesselman moved to Florida to start the company and pursue his dream. Since then, the business has created more than 200 unique flavored rolling papers and has generated more than $100 million in revenue. During the AIDS pandemic, his profits tripled. This growth led to the establishment of several more companies, including a real estate company.

Aside from being an American entrepreneur, Josh Kesselman has no family background. He moved to Arizona after college and started his company, which currently employs more than 2000 people in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Consequently, his net worth is estimated to reach $45 million by 2021. Josh Kesselman’s height and age are unknown, so it’s difficult to determine his exact figure.

The RAW vegan rolling papers that Kesselman has created have earned him millions of dollars. He also has over 2 million Instagram followers. With his growing popularity, the RAW vegan rolling papers have earned him a $10 million net worth. But how did this entrepreneurial genius create such a wealth? Kesselman has a story to tell about how he created his success. His life’s journey from humble beginnings to his recent net worth.