Ink Master Contestants Who Have Died

Sadly, some of the contestants on Ink Master have passed away. This list includes Clint Cummings, James Steinke, Scott Marshall, Kelly Doty, and more. You may recognize these names as you watch the show. What happened to them? Read on to learn about their lives and legacy.

Clint Cummings

Clint Cummings was one of the tattoo artists on the second season of Ink Master, and his passion for his craft was contagious. He was a talented artist, but he also had a big heart. He was a prime example of how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Clint came off as a great competitor on his season, and his family was supportive. Sadly, his life was cut short too soon, but we will never forget his legacy.

Another contestant who has died was Scott Marshall, who died just one year after winning the Ink Master championship. He was one of the few contestants to win the $100,000 grand prize, but he ended his life a year later due to an overdose.

His death was a shock to fans and the tattoo community. A few months before his death, Cummings announced his diagnosis of colorectal cancer. He shared snippets of his battle on social media. He was also involved with the advocacy group Fight Colorectal Cancer, which fights for a cure for colorectal cancer. He and his family also donated money to the Fight CRC organization.

Cummings died in his home on Friday. Funeral services are pending. Although he died at the age of 29, he still has plenty of ventures. His two tattoo studios in Las Vegas and online stores are still operating. Ink Master Redemption was one of Cummings’ most successful seasons, and he was very successful.

Cummings’s death in Season 4 was tragic, but he did not die from the pain. The jury hated his tattoo and couldn’t tolerate his arrogance. He also suffered from a heart condition and died in his sleep. He had been paying for his own hotel room, which he did when he could not drive home.

The first season’s judges were Angels, and they specified an American Traditional tattoo style. They chose Geishas as their subjects. Clint’s family gathered to watch the tattooing competition. Cummings’ family watched the finals. The season’s winners, who included Bubba Irwin, had a chance to meet Clint Cummings’ family.

James Steinke

Ink Master has been around for several seasons and has featured a variety of talented artists. It’s not every ink artist who can win the competition, though. Some of the contestants have been eliminated in the past. There’s also been a series of controversy surrounding the show. This season, the show aired in the Netherlands. The episode was titled Ink Master: Meesters van de Lage Landen, and the filming took place in and around Amsterdam. The show’s first season won by “Djoels” of Belgium, while the second season was won by “Joyce”.

Another tragedy has impacted one of the contestants on the show. One contestant, Scott Marshall, died of a heroin overdose a year after winning the competition. He’s not the only one to die of drugs, though. One of the most recent winner, Anthony Marshall, had only been tattooing for ten years. Despite his short experience, he won the $100,000 grand prize and is one of the most successful in the show.

The series also features a canvas who don’t get paid to compete in the series. In some challenges, the canvas can choose their own tattoo and others require them to take whatever the contestant offers. In addition to being paid to compete, canvases often have their own reasons for participating on the show.

Season eight of the show featured eight contestants who had already reached the top eight. The first season’s contestant placed third, while the second season’s winner finished fifth. Another season’s contestant finished 12th. The final season featured eight veteran contestants.

“Ink Master” is a television show about tattoos. Each episode has an elimination challenge to test the contestants’ skills. Each week, the contestants are paired with human canvas and given four to six hours to complete the tattoo. After each session, they meet as a group and critique their designs one-by-one. The four top contestants are then called back to the show, while the remaining two make it to the bottom two.

“Ink Master” has featured tattoo artists from around the world. It is hosted by tattoo artist Dave Navarro and each season features a new group of tattoo artists.

Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall, a former “Ink Master” winner, has died, apparently after accidentally overdosing on heroin and taking a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are sedatives that are commonly used to control seizures and relax muscles. While the cause of his death has not been released, the coroner’s office has expressed condolences to Marshall’s family. After winning the season, Marshall and fellow contestant “Gentle Jay” Blondel became friends, sharing a tattoo booth.

A statement released by Spike TV after Marshall’s death said, “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Scott’s death. He was a great competitor and a great artist.” The network added that the death will cause a lot of grief to his family and friends, and it will be difficult to know what to say about him.

After the show ended last season, Paramount had planned to cancel Ink Master. However, it recently announced plans to revive the show on Paramount+. There is no specific date for the upcoming season of the competition, but it will probably start in 2020. Nevertheless, in the meantime, Cleen Rock One has other endeavors, including a new tattoo shop.

Despite the controversy surrounding the competition show, the show continues to be popular. Many fans have said the show has drawn new people to the world of tattooing. Although the show has caused controversy, it is also one of the most watched shows on TV. The competition is a success and has gotten many people hooked on the art.

Scott Marshall is the only winner of this season who has not reacted to the incident. The judges did not take any action against Scott because of Scott’s mistake. However, the incident has raised many questions about the competition, including whether the judges are favoring Scott. While the judges have said that no contestant should be eliminated due to a good tattoo, many fans are still skeptical.

Kelly Doty

A number of ink master contestants have passed away in recent years, including Kelly Doty and Chris Nunez. Both are well known in the tattoo world and have net worths in the millions. However, while Nunez’s net worth has increased over the years, Dotty’s has declined to share hers. Nevertheless, she has been seen in several pictures posted on Instagram, and her new body seems much slimmer than her previous appearances.

Kelly Doty has a reputation for producing impressive tattoos and has also worked with other female ink masters. Her designs often feature spooky female faces with surreal, pop-ish edges and malevolent undertones. Her work also reflects her entrepreneurial background and love of darker arts. Doty and Ashley are known for their unique styles and their affinity for the strange and bizarre.

Ink Master has featured talented tattoo artists over the years, including some of the best in the country. However, the competition has made it very difficult for some artists. They have felt they deserved to win, but were beaten by a slightly better tattoo artist.

Kelly Doty is a well-respected female tattoo artist from Salem, Massachusetts. She was a finalist in season eight and made her presence felt in the industry. Her unique style and bright tattoos won the judges over. She won three challenges in the competition and earned a place in the live finale.

While Doty’s tattoos were very well-received by viewers, some fans think she wasn’t a top contender in the competition. The show’s judges are notorious for being tough on the contestants. Nevertheless, her work stands on its own merit. Unlike some other contestants, she had plenty of competition in season eight.

Other contestants have tragically lost their lives on the show. Scott Marshall, the winner of season five of the show, died of heroin and benzodiazepine poisoning. Benzodiazepines are sedatives that can control seizures and relax muscles. The coroner’s office has extended condolences to his family.

The popularity of the show has been in decline over the years. But that hasn’t stopped the producers from adding more problems. Instead of making a show of the competition, the producers have added more problematic elements. The judges should make the contestants blind to determine the winner. The fake drama and sexist alliance are also unprofessional. The show should also have a predetermined outcome with a female winner. The show should also hang Navarro and Kelly Doty from hooks.