Ines Gomez Mont Net Worth

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During her career, Ines Gomez has been a successful TV host. She has also earned money from her career as an actress. Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3 million to $5 million. She is also a model. She has been married to Javier Diaz.

During her marriage, Mont welcomed her first child, Bosco, five months after the marriage. In 2013, she and her husband divorced. During the divorce, Ines Gomez refused to let her ex-husband see her children. She also wore a see-through wedding dress.

She graduated from a local school. After graduation, she pursued an acting career. She gained some recognition as an actress in a telenovela called Tric Trac. Afterwards, she joined the entertainment department of TV Azteca. She also worked as a sports reporter. After a while, she became a star in Mexico and abroad. She has appeared in many movies. Among her films, Sueltalo! (2006), Caiga quien caiga (2007), Las victorias de Mama (2008) and El libro de los ojos (2009) are notable films. She also has been a producer.

She is the co-host of Ventaneando and is also famous as the face of TV Azteca’s Los 25+. Ines Gomez has appeared in numerous TV shows, including a show about football called Super Bowl XLII. She also has an Instagram account with more than a million followers.


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Among the Mexican celebrities, Ines Gomez Mont is one of the richest. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $3 million. She is an actress, a TV show host, and a reporter. She is known for the popular TV show Los 25+.

Ines Gomez Mont started her career in the late 1990s. She studied in a local high school and then enrolled in a university to study Communication Sciences. In her teen years, she starred in a short-lived television show called Tric Trac. After graduating, she pursued an acting career. She landed her first big break when she starred in a television telenovela, Tric Trac, in 1997. She later joined the entertainment division of TV Azteca, directed by Paty Chapoy.

Ines Gomez Mont is also known for being the face of TV Azteca’s Los 25+. The show is popular in Mexico and is considered to be one of the best shows of all time. She also has appeared in several other television shows. She has also been a part of the band Azteca Deportes. She is also known for her roles in several movies. She has two children. Her husband, Victor Alvarez Puga, is a lawyer.

Ines Gomez Mont is known for her social media presence. She has a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has also uploaded a lot of great pictures and short recordings.


Currently, there are rumors that the family of Mexican TV presenter Ines Gomez Mont is hiding in the Dominican Republic. According to reports, the family fled Mexico when the government issued an arrest warrant for them on September 10. The Mexican Attorney General’s Office has filed an international warrant order with Interpol to capture the family.

The family of Ines Gomez Mont evaded legal investigations in the past. They reportedly flew to the United States with their children. The family was evading investigations by using prominent contacts.

The Mexican attorney general’s office has obtained an arrest warrant against Victor Alvarez Puga. He is accused of embezzling close to three billion pesos. The Attorney General’s Office also issued an arrest warrant against seven companies that are linked to the case. They allegedly helped the family to avoid taxes and social security payments.

The family also evaded several legal investigations in the past, but the recent one is a huge setback. If they are convicted, the pair could face up to twenty to sixty years in prison.

In addition to the arrest warrant, a new investigation was launched to find the former driver and her husband. The family was believed to be staying in a house in Chiapas. Later, reports suggested that they had left Mexico and were living in Europe.

After the investigation, the Mexican government issued an arrest warrant for Ines Gomez Mont and her husband. They are accused of embezzling a total of three billion pesos from the Ministry of Interior.


During her career as an actress, TV show host and biographer, Ines Gomez Mont has been a very famous and successful personality. Known for her roles in various movies, she has also made a name in the English speaking world.

Ines Gomez Mont was born in Mexico City, Mexico on July 29, 1983. She is a Mexican actress, model, and TV show host. She started her career as an actress in the telenovela Tric Trac in 1997. Later, she joined the entertainment department of TV Azteca. She also became a successful reporter and sports reporter for the same company. She is currently the co-host of the program Ventaneando.

Ines Gomez Mont has been married to Javier Diaz in 2008 and Victor Alvarez Puga in 2015. She married Alvarez in 2015 after years of dating and they have two children together. They have also left a pledge of two properties in Palm Beach, Florida. The properties’ value is estimated at about $11.3 million dollars.

Ines Gomez Mont has not been reported on any international sanctions lists. She has been ranked as one of the biggest celebrity cashouts of all time. Her estimated net worth is around $3 million to $5 million dollars. Besides her salary, she has made a great deal of money from her Yeezy sneakers.

As a TV show host, Ines Gomez Mont has earned a lot of money. She has covered many sports events, including the Super Bowls. She also has a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram.