Improve Your Brand’s Reputation With 5 Proven Video Hacks

Any brand can survive the fierce competition in its niche market and grow consistently only if customers trust its commitment to serve them sincerely.

The credibility-building exercise must be carried out strategically by providing an immersive branding experience to prospective and existing customers.  

For this, you can rely on engaging videos that can potentially influence the thought process of viewers and align their relevant purchasing priorities with your brand.

Proven Hacks for Improving Brand Reputation with Videos

Videos help develop the confidence of prospects in your brand’s genuineness. You must capitalize on the massive outreach of online videos, which is evidenced by the fact that in the US alone, 161.4 million people regularly view live videos.

Improve your brand’s reputation by leveraging the power of videos with these 5 surefire hacks.

1. Use Live Streaming Videos for Bonding With Targeted Audiences

Most of the online population consists of Gen Z, who don’t hesitate to open their wallets to brands that can productively engage them through digital touchpoints. They want narration of brand stories by content creators in real time.

Also, blogs with lengthy written content are falling out of favor with social audiences who are seeking more videos to stay updated.

Your brand reputation will be catapulted to new heights if you use live streaming to connect with your audiences in an honest and transparent manner.

All popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are offering support for live streaming. The popular brand Vogue received more than 0.2 million views on the live video it had streamed to highlight behind-the-scenes activities of its Met Gala event.

You can measure the popularity of your brand through live streaming by checking out:

  • The number of followers who have stayed all through the video
  • The rise in viewers as the streaming progressed
  • The number of people who have watched the recording of the video
  • Reactions and feedback from audiences during and after the streaming

Live streaming is a powerful hack to make more qualified audiences consume your video content. Keep streaming at regular intervals, increase brand awareness, and enjoy continued patronage of targeted audiences.

2. Use Animations Thoughtfully to Make Your Point Clear

Another hack that can cement your brand’s prestige in the minds of potential customers is to use animations in video content to convey your message. A video editor can help you incorporate attractive animation into your videos to create engaging and memorable content that will help you stand out from the competition.

Animations enhance the visual appeal of videos and effortlessly command audiences’ attention. Viewers feel motivated to watch the video if it is made more compelling with groovy audio effects to complement the animation.

Animations help explain the dynamics and complexities of your brand’s offerings in a simple way that the audience can relate to at a personal level.

Viewers will appreciate the time, energy, and efforts invested by your brand in making things comprehensible for them. Funny and humorous inputs will ensure that the viewers’ attention does not stray.

Quirky yet meaningful animations help define the personality of your brand. This improves brand awareness and recognizability. Attractive graphics and captivating audio blend seamlessly to drive home your point without allowing boredom to set in.

In fact, viewers will wait for such videos with bated breath. This is a clear sign of a growing brand reputation. Plus, your carefully veiled sales pitches would no longer distract viewers.

3. Express Gratitude for Customers’ Association With Your Brand

If you want your brand reputation to go through the roof, start showing appreciation to customers for believing in your brand. An occasional video thanking customers for

  • purchasing your products
  • subscribing to your company’s email and newsletter
  • liking and sharing your videos or content on social platforms, or
  • Registering on your website can work wonders.

It is a common human tendency to associate with people or brands that shower praise. Evoke this feeling in viewers empathically with ‘Thank You’ videos that can nurture more qualified leads and give existing customers a purpose to stay in your brand’s fold.

You will soon find that the churn rate is declining significantly, and the volume of traffic on your website has increased considerably.

Valued customers will likely make return purchases and become your brand advocates. Personalized videos also serve to strengthen your brand’s bond with customers.

Amazingly, positive customer service experience motivates 94% of buyers to make return purchases and 82% of customers to recommend your brand to others.

What are you waiting for, then? Start using a good video editor to create and edit thanksgiving videos that motivate your customers. If you create these types of videos then it can increase customer’s trust towards your brand and can help you in growing your business. 

4. Employ the Services of a Voiceover Artist to Spellbind Audiences

Traditional advertisers relied heavily on professional voiceover artists to promote their brands. In this digital era, voiceover has not lost relevance and can prove to be a powerful stimulus to draw positive responses from targeted leads.

A proven hack for adding sheen to your brand’s prestige is to use an artist with an electrifying and sensational voice for doing narrations in your videos.

Once social audiences grow familiar with the confident voice dictating the flow of your videos, commanding the attention and trust of prospects will become a cakewalk.

The voiceover artist must have a friendly, conversational, hypnotic, and authoritative tone that adequately compliments your brand’s persona.

A captivating and catchy voice will make the messages conveyed through videos stay longer in viewers’ minds. This will improve the brand recall rate significantly.

A quality voiceover offers numerous advantages for adding more edge to your brand’s competitive factor by:

  • Giving a humane touch to your brand (prospects love to connect with brands with which they can emotionally bond)
  • Making trust more forthcoming in audiences (hearing someone regularly makes audiences believe in your brand’s consistency in delivering optimum customer experience)
  • Persuading audiences to respond favorably to your videos’ call-to-action
  • Inspiring viewers to explore more of your brand’s offerings
  • Motivating audiences to watch your videos over and over again – something that can finally convert even apathetic leads into loyal customers.

Using a good online video editor will help you mix voices with visuals quickly and seamlessly.

5. Demonstrate the Expertise of Your Brand

Lastly, showcasing your brand’s proven expertise in the niche market segment you are targeting will make more people flock to your website.

Deploy videos regularly to:

  • highlight your brand’s eminent position in the industry
  • troubleshoot common and complex problems experienced by customers
  • exhibit the respect your managerial team is receiving in the form of awards or felicitations
  • showcase the dedication with which your employees are toiling to transform the customer experience
  • present ideas that can potentially change the face of the industry in the coming days
  • publish how past customers have benefitted from your brand’s technical intervention

Share knowledge with thought leadership videos, and people will gradually start looking up to your brand for relevant help. In no time, your videos will become viral and impart exponential growth to your brand reputation.


The aforementioned 5 hacks will enhance the visibility and credibility of your brand convincingly.

Always use your brand logo, defining aesthetics, and consistent atmospherics in videos to drive brand recognizability. Popularity will come your brand’s way effortlessly if you sincerely adopt and employ these hacks with a personal touch.

Your brand’s reputation will spread like wildfire despite the headwinds of competition and other obstacles.

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