Immortality Quotes

immortality quotes

Immortality is a spiritual concept of no death or eternal life. However, it is also an illusion. In this article, we will discuss the different definitions of immortality. The first definition is that immortality is a state of consciousness and an aim. The second definition is that immortality is a state of being or a state of consciousness.

Immortality is a spiritual concept of no-death or eternal life

For believers in Jesus Christ, immortality is the prospect of an indefinite existence after death. This indefinite existence is virtually identical with the afterlife. Eternal life is defined as knowing the one true God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is a state of consciousness

Some believe that immortality is a state of consciousness, and they think that the soul exists before the physical body. Regardless of this belief, the idea that one’s soul leaves the physical body and enters a different realm is far from scientific fact. This idea dates back to a time when humanity did not understand science, and it doesn’t fit with modern research on consciousness.

It is an illusion

Immortality is an illusion that many people believe in. While it is true that it is possible to live forever, this belief is based on a false assumption. While immortality does not exist in our physical body, it exists outside of it.

It is a goal

The will to immortality is the latest mechanism of evolution and an individual’s ultimate goal. The will to immortality is not something we derive, it is a choice we make freely. It cannot be justified nor imposed on anyone by any authority. Moreover, the will to immortality cannot be a dogma or an assertion. It must be a conscious choice made by the individual.

It is a magic word

It is not uncommon to see people use the word immortality in a conversation. It has been said that immortality is the power to live forever. Some say that you can achieve this by drinking enough carrot juice. Others say that immortality comes from great achievements. The great things we do in our lives will remain in our memory forever.

It is wrong to bear children out of need

There is an argument to be made that it is wrong to bear children out of need. A woman who decides to give birth because she is lonely is making a moral error. The purpose of reproduction is not to relieve loneliness, but to seek immortality. In fact, sperm contains consciousness.

It is wrong to seek immortality

Immortality is a common fantasy among human beings. It is the indefinite continuation of an individual’s existence, specifically the existence of the immaterial mind and soul. This belief has been promoted by the devil, who has been repeating this lie since the beginning of time. The concept of immortality is also taught in most Christian churches. However, this doctrine is not supported by the Bible.