Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary Net Worth

Located in Cleveland, Texas, Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that provides a forever home to surviving farm animals. In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and devastated a large portion of the region. Ima Survivor Sanctuary was established in response to the damage and displaced farm animals. The organization is located at 10508 Plum Grove Road in Cleveland, Texas. It is run by Jami Walker, who is a former runner and an avid animal lover.

Ima Survivor Sanctuary was created in response to the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. It is the brainchild of Jami Walker, who has been working with animals for the past 12 years. As the owner of Ima Survivor, she has managed to create a unique program that offers a safe haven for surviving farm animals. Ima Survivor is also home to a parrot sanctuary, a donkey sanctuary, and a parrot rescue. The sanctuary’s Facebook page has more than 584,201 likes, and a total of 1.4K ‘loves’. It is also one of the largest non-profit farm animal organizations on the Internet, with more than 472 shares, 206 shares, and 968 shares.

It’s a nonprofit organization that also offers a unique way to raise money for schoolchildren in the Cleveland, Texas area. As part of the program, Ima Survivor donated $10,000 to Cleveland ISD Cottonwood Elementary School. The money will be used for STEM technology, parent-teacher organizations, and comfort items for students. In addition, a surprise patrol motorcade led by Cleveland ISD Superintendent Chris Trotter and the Ima Survivor Sanctuary executives drove up to the school to present the check to Principal Richard Pena.

The main draw of the program is the fact that it’s the first of its kind in the United States. Its creators are looking to change the way people view farm animals. They are hoping that their videos and other online content will educate people about animal care, animal rights, and the importance of animals in our society.

Ima Survivor Sanctuary also has a lot of online video content. The most popular videos on their YouTube channel are the Teaparty (in progress) and the Bloody Painter (NSFW). A video featuring Tex the longhorn, a two year old bull, and his friend is a particularly good example of the program’s achievements. The video was posted on February 22, and has received over ten thousand views so far. Ima Survivor Sanctuary is also home to a parrot sanctuary, and a donkey sanctuary, along with many other animals, including a tiger, a pig, and a goat.

It’s also one of the most visited video sites on the Internet, with more than two thousand videos and a total of 54,421 views. Ima Survivor Sanctuary is also a very popular Facebook page, with a total of more than ten thousand likes and a total of more than ten thousand comments. Its Twitter account has a total of ten thousand followers and a total of more than ten hundred tweets.