Ice Wear Vezzo Net Worth 2021

Whether you’re a fan of the band or not, you’ll probably want to know a little bit about the Ice Wear Vezzo Net Worth. You can find out a little bit about them, including what their real name is, how they got their start, and what kind of music they do. You’ll also find out about their family and their history.

Real name

Whether you are a new fan of IceWear Vezzo or a long-time fan, you may want to know more about him. There are some details you should know, such as his net worth, age, marriage, and his children.

Vezzo was born on October 31, 1989 in Detroit, Michigan. He is an American rapper and singer. He has been in the music industry for almost ten years. He has been signed with Motown Records, a record label that specializes in Hip-Hop music. His most popular work is his trilogy of mixtapes called The Clarity. He is also active on YouTube, where he has gained more than 250K subscribers.

He is a member of a group called the Green Guys. He has released songs and collaborated with many artists. He has also been featured in several shows. He has a lot of fans all over the world. He was vocal during the Black Lives Matter campaign. He is also known for his pleasant voice. He is a talented musician who has earned a large financial fortune from the music industry.

He has a number of sources of income, including paid advertisements, sponsorship deals, and brand promotions. He also earns money through his own music and YouTube channel. He is expected to earn about $1.5 million in 2021. He also owns a Rolls-Royce Wraith, which is the most expensive luxury car in the world.

Early life

Known for his music career, IceWear Vezzo was born on October 31, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan. He has since been successful in his career as a rapper. He has a lot of fans in the media and on YouTube. The Detroit native is now a member of Motown Records. He has released many great projects in his career.

At the age of twelve, Vezzo began rapping and writing his own songs. He later became involved in Green Guyz, a rap group of his family members. In addition to rapping, Vezzo also worked as a model.

During the Black Lives Matters movement, IceWear Vezzo was vocal about the issues facing the black community. He wrote a song called No More Pain to support the cause. The song became a big hit in the media.

At the age of thirteen, IceWear Vezzo was making $1000 a day. He was also selling marijuana. During this time, he had a short stint in prison. However, he was released quickly. After serving a couple of years, Vezzo returned to the music scene. He started releasing mixtapes and became a social media influencer. He also opened a car wash. He has since gained a large following on YouTube and Instagram.

He has also appeared on many shows. He has collaborated with BabyFace Ray, who is another East Side native rapper. He has also released his own albums. In addition, he is a popular singer.

Music career

Whether you know Vezzo from his role as the lead singer of rap group Green Guyz or his solo endeavors, there’s no denying that he has a knack for making the rap world spin. Vezzo is not your typical rapper, though. He’s also a businessman, who opened up a car wash and restaurant in Detroit. Despite his success in music, Vezzo has never looked back.

Vezzo is a hip-hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. He was born on Halloween, October 31st, 1989. He is married to Kiara Marie and has two children. He has been active in the music industry since 2012, when he released his debut mixtape The Clarity. He has collaborated with Future, Babyface Ray, and Trippie Redd. He recently signed a deal with Motown Records.

Vezzo was named a “Detroit legend” by DJ Envy. Vezzo got his start in the music industry as a member of the Green Guyz rap group. When he was around 16 years old, he began rapping. He also worked in retail. He was convicted of unarmed robbery and was ordered to submit to drug testing. He was also barred from traveling.

When Vezzo went solo, he released four projects in 2013. One of the more intriguing was his 2013 album The City Is Mine. The song “Money Phone” was featured on the tracklist. Another notable song is “No More Pain” which was written in support of a cause. Vezzo has been featured on “The Breakfast Club” and “Captain Crunch.”

Vezzo has also released six mixtapes in a row. The newest one is Rich Off Pints 2, which was released in September. The album features hit songs such as “Everyday” and “Tear the Club Up” with Future. He also has a sizing social media following of over 190K followers on Twitter and 840K on Instagram.


Known for his pleasant voice and melodious songs, Icewear Vezzo is a musician who is well-known among his fans. He has been dubbed the king of contemporary Detroit rap by Hypebeast.

Icewear Vezzo was born on October 31, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is a rapper, singer, entrepreneur, businessman, and social media celebrity. He has his own music channel on YouTube. He has released several hit songs. He also has an Instagram account where he showcases his lifestyle. He has earned thousands of dollars from his singing career. He has also attended several live events.

At the age of 13, Icewear Vezzo got involved in drug sales. He also claimed that he made over one thousand dollars a day. However, he later surrendered to the authorities. He was given a two-year prison sentence. Afterwards, he released an album. He has also been featured in several other music videos.

Icewear Vezzo has a family. He has a daughter named Navy Smith and a son named Vito Smith. He also has a girlfriend. He has a net worth of around three to four million dollars. He has also earned thousands of dollars from his YouTube channel. He has been in the music industry for almost a decade. He has been a part of the group Green Guys before going solo. He has released three mixtapes. In 2018, he released a track called The Drunk God Back Freestyle.


During his childhood, Icewear Vezzo was involved in the drug trade. He also worked in retail. He is now a successful rapper and singer. His music has gained massive popularity across the United States. He is also a successful social media personality. He has been known to perform in different live events.

The singer has a beautiful voice. He started writing songs at a young age. He has worked with many artists and is now famous across the United States. He has also released a hit single, “Money Phone”. In addition to music, Icewear Vezzo is also an entrepreneur. He has created several local businesses in the Detroit area. In addition, he has opened a restaurant. He has also bought several beautiful houses.

He is also the owner of several expensive cars. He recently purchased a brand new Rolls-Royce Wraith. This is one of the most expensive cars in the world. He also owns a Mercedes Benz S-Class.

He has earned a lot of money from his music career. He also earned money through endorsements. In addition, he makes money from YouTube. The singer has also worked as a model. He has also opened a carwash business. His net worth in 2022 is estimated at $3 million. He has a beautiful house with four bedrooms. His house also features a spiral staircase in the main entrance.

He has two children. He and his wife, Kiara Marie, have a son named Vito Smith. They have been married since October 2016.


Besides singing, Icewear Vezzo is also a famous rapper. His songs are blockbusters in the media. He is considered to be a rising mainstream superstar in Los Angeles. He also has a very good fan following. This has resulted in an impressive net worth. Icewear Vezzo is currently earning thousands of dollars from his singing career. In addition to this, he also earns money through endorsements and paid advertising.

Icewear Vezzo was born on October 31, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan. He belongs to an African-American ethnicity. He studied at Romulus Senior High School and The University of Detroit Mercy. He is also Christian.

He is known for his pleasant voice and melody. In addition to music, he has also been known for his social media presence. Icewear Vezzo owns a Mercedes Benz S-Class and Range Rover. He has also opened local businesses in the Detroit area. He is also a carwash business owner. He recently purchased a brand new Rolls Royce Wraith.

Icewear Vezzo has an Instagram account which shows a lot about his lifestyle. He enjoys going to high-end restaurants with his wife Kiara. He also likes to accessorise with expensive jewellery. He has also got a tattoo on his face. His net worth is estimated to be at least $3 million.

Icewear Vezzo was a social media influencer before his music career. He gained a lot of popularity after releasing a trilogy of mixtapes. He also earned money through his YouTube channel.