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Whether you know the name Ian Roussel, or you don’t, it’s possible to learn some important information about him. His age, zodiac sign, education, and wife are just a few things that you can learn about him.

ian roussel’s age

Whether you are a fan of Ian Roussel or not, you are probably curious about his personal life. Roussel is a popular American television star and custom car builder. He also has a number of fans on social networking sites. He is also a big animal lover.

Ian Roussel was born on November 19, 1970, in Sunland, California, USA. He is married and has two children. His wife is also a big car enthusiast. They live in the Mojave desert.

Ian Roussel was raised by his parents, who gave him the best possible childhood. He developed his passion for cars at a young age. He then turned it into a career. He graduated from nearby Sunland High School. He then completed his academic studies at a reputable university.

Ian Roussel is a big animal lover. He is also a fitness enthusiast. He has two female pet dogs. He enjoys listening to music and playing computer games. He also has a strict diet routine. He also drives a luxury car.

Roussel’s wife plays a crucial role in the running of his business. She also shares a passion for custom cars with her husband. They often share pictures of each other on Instagram. Roussel has a large number of followers on Instagram. He also has a number of followers on Twitter.

Ian Roussel has been married for several years. There are no rumors of divorce. Their relationship seems to be a happy one. Their bond may be a result of shared interest in cars.

Ian Roussel has a large number of tattoos all over his body. He also has a lightning tattoo on his right arm. He also has a bald head.

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During his early days, Ian Roussel displayed an interest in cars. The interest led to a career, and he is now a renowned car builder in the United States. He also has a passion for pinball.

Despite being a popular television personality, Roussel has kept his personal life under wraps. He and his wife seem to be enjoying a harmonious relationship. They share two children, a daughter named AvaLove Roussel, and an older son named John. There is little information available about their children.

Despite his impressive career, Roussel prefers to live a modest life. He is a huge animal lover, and he has two pet dogs named Hell Hounds. He also loves to spend time with his family. He is also an avid watcher of TV series. However, he does not travel often for personal reasons. He is also active on social media. He has over 7k followers on Twitter and 12k followers on Instagram.

Ian Roussel is a car customization guru, and he has also created his own custom car workshop. He designs cars in response to client demands, and has seen a tremendous increase in demand for his high-quality automobiles.

Ian Roussel is a well-rounded person, and he has a lot of friends. He is also associated with several charitable institutions in the USA and New Zealand. He also donates a lot of money to the less fortunate. However, he does not disclose the details of his finances. He has a net worth estimated to be around $2 million as of 2020.

The best thing about Ian Roussel’s life is his wife. While they have kept their private lives private, they have shared pictures of each other on Instagram. They have a daughter named AvaLove Roussel, who is also a car fanatic.

ian roussel’s wife

Known as the “King of Custom Cars”, Ian Roussel is an American television personality and vehicle constructor. He is famous for designing custom cars for clients.

As of now, Ian Roussel has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. He earns a good salary from his job as a custom car maker. He is expected to grow his net worth in the near future. He is also associated with several charitable institutions in the USA.

He has a great social media presence, as he frequently posts pictures of himself with his wife on Instagram. He has a very big fan base on various social networking sites. He has over 7k followers on Twitter, 79k followers on Instagram, and 12k followers on Facebook.

Ian Roussel and his wife are known for their love for custom cars. They have a son from a previous relationship. However, it is not known if they have any other children.

He also has two female pet dogs. He has a few tattoos. He has one that is a “lightning” on his right arm.

Ian and his wife have a good relationship. They are known to visit exotic places together. They also hope to give their daughter a normal childhood.

As of now, Ian and his wife have two children. Their daughter is named Ava Love Roussel. However, the couple has not yet announced the name of their son.

Ian and his wife share a lot of similarities, such as their love for cars and tattoos. Although they have not yet been featured in any gossip magazines, they have been featured on most social networking sites. They also enjoy a great deal of time together.

ian roussel’s education

Whether you are an enthusiast of cars or not, you might have heard of the famous custom car builder, Ian Roussel. He has earned his fame as a TV personality through his popular show, Full Custom Garage. However, there are many things you might not know about this man, especially his education.

Ian Roussel was born on November 19, 1970, in Sunland, California. He spent most of his childhood with his car-loving father, who encouraged him to pursue his passion. In fact, he became so fascinated with cars that he turned his hobby into a profession.

Ian Roussel is an American television personality. He has appeared in several TV shows such as Car Warriors and Back from the Dead II: Kustom Cars Lead Sleds’. However, he is best known for his work as a custom car builder. He owns his own company, Roussel’s Custom Fabricating. He is also involved in a number of charitable causes.

Although he hasn’t revealed a lot about his education, he has revealed that he completed his high school from a reputable school. He is also a fan of weight training. In fact, he has a gym rat-like physique. He weighs approximately 70 kg.

Ian Roussel’s career has led him to acquire a nice amount of money from his career. He has an impressive fan base on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He also has a number of tattoos on his body. He has a lightning tattoo on his right arm.

Although he hasn’t provided much detail about his professional background, he has managed to earn a decent amount of money. In fact, he has a net worth of $2 million in 2020.

ian roussel’s passion for cars

Known as one of the top car customisers in the world, Ian Roussel has achieved great success in his life. In fact, he has received much media attention for his high-quality work. He also earns a good amount of money through his television program. He is known for designing unique cars according to the preferences of his customers.

Ian Roussel was born on November 19, 1970 in Sunland, California. He has hazel eyes and is bald. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He also has tattoos on his body. He also has two female pets.

He has an interest in cars since he was young. He has built several famous cars. His love for cars also inspired him to pursue a career in the car customising industry. He has built a custom garage, which he uses to build one-of-a-kind vehicles. He also designs carports for his customers.

He is known for his television program “Full Custom Garage.” He has completed seven seasons of the show. It has also aired on MAVTV. He has a large following on social media, with 143 thousand followers.

He has a passion for cars and has started his career at the age of 22. He has built a business in car customization and has a website selling apparel. He also likes to watch movies and football. He and his wife share a strong bond and are also fans of custom cars. They have two dogs named Hell Hounds.

He has not shared much about his personal life. He has an Instagram account, where he and his wife post pictures of them. However, he has not revealed any details about their children.