I Smack and Im Proud

You have probably heard many people say, “I smack and I’m proud!” But you might be wondering if smacking a child is a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that smacking a child is harmful for him or her. In fact, smacking can actually teach your child to be violent.

smacking a child is harmful for a child

Researchers at the University College London have reviewed over 20 years of research to find that smacking a child is harmful to the child. They also found that physical punishment is not helpful in improving a child’s behavior. Instead, it only makes things worse.

The research also shows that children who are smacked as children are at greater risk of developing behavioural and mental problems by the time they reach adolescence. Smacking also damages the parent-child relationship. It also has no positive effects on children’s attention, cognitive skills, relationships, or reactivity to stress.

Parents should try to find out why their child is acting out and work out the reasons for the behaviour. By smacking, parents are not meeting the child’s needs and are only provoking their behavior. The child may be feeling anxious or depressed. Therefore, it’s better to avoid situations that may lead to smacking. Instead, try to create opportunities for your child to behave well and set clear rules.

Another important reason to stop smacking your child is that it increases your child’s attention span and is less likely to cause negative consequences. Positive reinforcement also improves children’s attention span and encourages them to learn more quickly. As long as you can verbally validate your child’s emotions, smacking will no longer negatively affect your relationship with them.