HyConn Net Worth 2022

During the run-up to the Shark Tank, Jeff Stroope of HyConn was pitching his product. He explained that the company’s product could save lives. The device is designed to help connect fire hydrants to water. It eliminates the need for threading and connects in less than three seconds. It was developed to improve the safety and efficiency of fire departments.

The idea behind the product came from a firefighter in Texas. He spotted a problem with the time it took to connect a hose to a hydrant. The time it took to connect a hose in this way could be a matter of life and death. He wanted to solve this problem, so he began designing a connector that would work on a hydrant. He was able to secure a patent on the device, which he later turned into a company. The company’s website is now online. There are videos on the website on how to use the product.

Jeff Stroope is a firefighter who was frustrated with the amount of time it took to connect a hose and a hydrant. He saw a need for a fast and reliable connection, and he decided to create the HyConn device. The device is a LDH-compatible connector that can be used on fire hydrants, garden hoses, and other similar devices. It also has a home version.

The HyConn device is sold for about $215 for the smaller version, and $385 for the larger version. The product is designed for recreational gardeners as well as serious professionals. The product has been tested by Robert Herjavec and other industry experts. It is designed to help improve the safety of fire hydrants, and is compatible with LDH hydrants.

The product has markets in more than 50 countries. It is also available in Costa Rica and Canada. It is easy to use, and there are videos on the company’s website on how to use the product. The HyConn products are durable and reliable. The company has a website and is a partner with Innovate Arkansas, a local economic development organization. The company has also been working with the Cabot, Arkansas fire department.

The company has an estimated net worth of about $5 million. It is likely that the failure of the company is the result of a lack of funding. It is also possible that Mark Cuban did not properly understand the due diligence process. The company may have failed because of a lack of business experience.

Mark Cuban has been a partner in the RedSwoosh web-based basketball scouting platform. He also invested in a number of social software companies, such as Weblogs, Inc., which was eventually bought by AOL. He is also a partner in M3 Girls Designs and Painted Pretzel. He has also backed Grokster in the Supreme Court case. He has also partnered with Lori Greiner.

He also made a deal with Hy-Conn LLC during season two of the Shark Tank. The deal was for 100% of Hy-Conn and a 7.5% royalty to Jeff. The HyConn device has been used by fire departments in over 33 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.