Hustlers University – Is Andrew Tate a Pyramid Scheme?

Hustlers University is an online academy started by former kickboxer, Andrew Tate. The program is dedicated to teaching students skills that can earn them a passive income. Thousands of students have joined the platform and are eager to learn from Tate’s lessons. However, some influencers are claiming the site is a pyramid scheme.

While Tate claims to have made a lot of money, the methods used to generate the profits are not ethical. Most of his business comes from membership sales of his courses. He has been accused of promoting human trafficking and other issues. In early 2020, when the price of Bitcoin was around $4,000, he made money from crypto trading and other investments.

Tate’s website reveals that he has been in Dubai since mid-October. It also shows that people have cancelled their subscriptions to Hustlers University 2.0. The site also displays a dazzling advertisement for the new product, The Real World. Unlike the previous version of the site, this one will teach students life lessons.

In addition to the Hustlers University platform, Andrew Tate has other products, including the War Room. The War Room is another online community based on the same theme as Hustlers University. As a member of the War Room, you can make money by getting other members to sign up for your course. Discord is a great way to communicate with paying customers. It is especially useful for live streaming. But, it is important to be cautious when using the Discord chat. This is because the chat gets spammed and there is little moderation.

Another product offered by Andrew Tate is the Cold Email Mastery training. Despite the name, the course is a rip-off of the Cold Email Mastery system. Many of the strategies are rehashed advice from free online tutorials. Even the instructors are taken from the Tate Dawson membership products.

Tate has also been in the media recently for making inflammatory comments about women. These comments have been deemed as discriminatory and misogynist. Several prominent YouTubers have taken him to task. They claim that the way he promotes himself is misogynistic and that his methods can lead to human trafficking.

Tate has an estimated net worth of more than $100 million. He has appeared on television shows and podcasts, such as Big Brother. Nevertheless, he is banned from most social networking sites for making misogynistic and violent statements.

Although he has been successful in many areas, Andrew Tate is not an example of a person who can help others achieve financial stability. He has a lot of followers who have enjoyed his success, but he doesn’t seem to have the expertise to help others. Hopefully, Hustlers University will inspire other students to follow his footsteps and pursue their dreams.

For a beginner, it can be difficult to understand the information presented by Hustlers University. There are a lot of errors in the first version of the website. Luckily, the new version is improved. Moreover, new information about the affiliate marketing campus has been revealed.