Hudson Foschi’s Playground Gets a Makeover

Earlier this month, Pungo, VA native Hudson Foschi died at the age of four after being hit by an SUV on the road leading to Princess Anne Road. His life was cut short, but it did lead to a massive outpouring of love and adoration in the community that he belonged to. The locals were able to put the four-year-old’s short life to good use by organizing a small but memorable fundraiser to benefit a new and improved Hudson’s Playground.

Organized by the community and Nick Cleanthes, the fundraiser reportedly raised around $40,000 and included live music, a silent auction and meaningful items donated by community members. There were even “feet-to-the-ground” homages to the late Hudson Foschi. His family and friends adorned the event with light-blue ribbons to symbolize the four-year-old’s memory.

The big event was not only a worthy accomplishment, but it had to be, especially after Hudson’s passing. In a statement, the Foundation stated that they would be “committed to renovating the playground at Charity Preschool, the school that Hudson attended,” in Hudson’s honor. The site will also be named Hudson’s Playground, and will be a haven for children of all ages to enjoy. The gimmick to the tee is that the playground will be bigger, and include more features than it currently does.

The big question is, will the local community be able to put a little love into the new and improved Hudson’s Playground? The answer is probably yes, as it will be one of the most beautiful playgrounds in the area. The Foundation is planning a local fundraiser for February 10, where the locals can get their share of the playground magic. The Foundation is also partnering with Blue Pete’s restaurant and Blue Pete’s for a big fundraising event later this year.

Among the slew of sponsors, the top tier includes the likes of Nastya, Ryan McGee, Hulu, and the like. The foundation aims to build a new playground at Charity Preschool in Hudson’s honor, and has plans to renovate the old one in the near future. They will also be launching a mobile game and a book in the year to come. While the site is not open to the public, the Foundation will be making its presence felt in the Pungo area as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, the locals are happy to have Hudson’s memory around to share his love of life.

The aforementioned video and other related products and services have helped the organization earn a net worth of tens of thousands of dollars, or in some cases, millions. Although the foundation is still a work in progress, they have managed to create the right connections and make the right moves.